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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Materials in American Studies

The making of John Ledyard [electronic resource] : empire and ambition in
the life of an early American traveler / Edward G. Gray.

Spiritual radical [electronic resource] : Abraham Joshua Heschel in
America, 1940-1972 / Edward K. Kaplan.

Taming democracy [electronic resource] : "the people," the founders, and
the troubled ending of the American Revolution / Terry Bouton.

The American presidency [electronic resource] : a very short introduction
/ Charles O. Jones.

Faith in the halls of power [electronic resource] : how evangelicals joined the American elite / D. Michael Lindsay.

Manifest destinies [electronic resource] : the making of the Mexican American race / Laura E. G*omez.

Culture shock and Japanese-American relations [electronic resource] : historical essays / Sadao Asada.

Science talk [electronic resource] : changing notions of science in American popular culture / Daniel Patrick Thurs.

Jewish American chronology [electronic resource] : chronologies of the American mosaic.

Cities, borders, and spaces in intercultural American literature and film [electronic resource] / Ana M. Manzanas and Jes*us Benito.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New titles in International Relations

The post-Soviet wars [electronic resource] : rebellion, ethnic conflict, and nationhood in the Caucasus by Christoph Zurcher.

The dictator's seduction [electronic resource] : politics and the popular imagination in the era of Trujillo by Lauren Hutchinson Derby

Red and black in Haiti [electronic resource] : radicalism, conflict, and political change, 1934-1957 by Matthew J. Smith

The Terra Cotta Army [electronic resource] : China's first emperor and the birth of a nation by John Man

The great power (mis)management [electronic resource] : the Russian-Georgian war and its implications for global political order by Alexander Astrov

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Titles in Woman & Gender Studies

Male domination, female revolt [electronic resource] : race, class, and gender in Kuwaiti women's fiction / by Ishaq Tijani.

Contours of citizenship [electronic resource] : women, diversity and
practices of citizenship / edited by Margaret Abraham ...[et al.].

Blue-ribbon babies and labors of love [electronic resource] : race, class,
and gender in U.S. adoption practice / Christine Ward Gailey.

Gender violence in Russia [electronic resource] : the politics of feminist
intervention / Janet Elise Johnson.

Gender and justice [electronic resource] : violence, intimacy and community in fin-de si*ecle Paris / Eliza Earle Ferguson.

Son preference [electronic resource] : sex selection, gender, and culture in South Asia / Navtej K. Purewal.

Opening doors wider [electronic resource] : women's political engagement in Canada / edited by Sylvia Bashevkin.

New women of the old faith [electronic resource] : gender and American Catholicism in the progressive era / Kathleen Sprows Cummings.

Gender and American Jews patterns in work, education, and family in contemporary life [electronic resource] / Harriet Hartman and Moshe Hartman.

Gender and well-being in Europe [electronic resource] : historical and contemporary perspectives / edited by Bernard Harris, Lina G*alvez and Helena Machado.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Materials for Social Work

Separate societies [electronic resource] : poverty and inequality in U.S. cities by William W. Goldsmith and Edward J. Blakely ; foreword by President Bill Clinton.

Child protection reform across the United Kingdom [electronic resource] / edited by Anne Stafford, Sharon Vincent and Nigel Parton.

New materials in Philosophy

Understanding German idealism [electronic resource] /Will Dudley.

The philosophy of Derrida [electronic resource] / Mark Dooley and Liam Kavanagh.

Searle's philosophy and Chinese philosophy [electronic resource] : constructive engagement / edited by Bo Mou.

Aristotle, On the life-bearing spirit (De spiritu)[electronic resource] : a discussion with Plato and
his predecessors on pneuma as the instrumental body of the soul / introduction, translation, and commentary by Abraham P. Bos and Rein Ferwerda.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New titles in Marketing and Management

Management and entrepreneurship [electronic resource] Veerabhadrappa Havinal

Going global [electronic resource] : managing the HR function across countries and cultures by Cat Rickard\

The trouble with HR [electronic resource] : an insider's guide to finding and keeping the best talent by Johnny C. Taylor

Fundamentals of enterprise risk management [electronic resource] : how top companies assess risk, manage exposures, and seize opportunities by John J. Hampton

Financial management [electronic resource] by C. Paramasivan

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Materials in Woman & Gender Studies

Gender equality and United Nations peace operations in Timor Leste
[electronic resource] / by Louise Olsson.

Developing partnerships [electronic resource] : gender, sexuality, and the
reformed World Bank / Kate Bedford.

The wealth of wives [electronic resource] : women, law, and economy in
late medieval London / Barbara A. Hanawalt.

Being boys, being girls [electronic resource] : learning masculinities and
femininities / Carrie Paechter.

Multiple meanings of gender equality [electronic resource] : a critical
frame analysis of gender policies in Europe / edited by Mieke Verloo.

Rethinking global sisterhood [electronic resource] : western feminism and Iran / Nima Naghibi.

A movement without marches [electronic resource] : African American women and the politics of poverty in postwar Philadelphia / Lisa Levenstein.

For the freedom of her race [electronic resource] : Black women and electoral politics in Illinois, 1877-1932 / Lisa G. Materson.

New women of the old faith [electronic resource] : gender and American Catholicism in the progressive era / Kathleen Sprows Cummings.

Gender and the Mexican Revolution [electronic resource] : Yucat*an women and the realities of patriarchy / Stephanie J. Smith.

The motherless state [electronic resource] : women's political leadership and American democracy / Eileen McDonagh.

New titles in History

Napoleon [videorecording] / written and directed by David Grubin ; produced by David Grubin and Allyson Luchak.

Economies of representation, 1790-2000 [electronic resource] : colonialism and commerce / edited by Leigh Dale and Helen Gilbert.

Local transcendence [electronic resource] : essays on postmodern historicism and the database by Alan Liu

The lost Politburo transcripts [electronic resource] : from collective rule to Stalin's dictatorship by Paul R. Gregory

The historiography of landscape research on Crete [electronic resource] by Marina Gkiasta

Inventing the electronic century [electronic resource] : the epic story of the consumer electronics and computer industries by Alfred D. Chandler

Neukolln unlimited [videorecording] / eine Indi Film Produktion ; regie, Agostino Imondi, Dietmar Ratsch ; buch, Agostino Imondi.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New titles in African Studies

Dreams of Africa in Alabama [electronic resource] : the slave ship Clotilda and the story of the last Africans brought to America / Sylviane A. Diouf.

S is for South Africa by Beverley Naidoo

Saltwater slavery [electronic resource] : a middle passage from Africa to American diaspora by Stephanie E. Smallwood

A movement without marches [electronic resource] : African American women and the politics of poverty in postwar Philadelphia by Lisa Levenstein

For the freedom of her race [electronic resource] : Black women and electoral politics in Illinois, 1877-1932 by Lisa G. Materson

Immigration and national identity [electronic resource] : North African political movements in colonial and postcolonial France by Rabah Aissaoui

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Titiles in Sociology/Anthropology

Culture and language use [electronic resource] / edited by Gunter Senft, Jan-Ola Ostman, Jef Verschueren.

Chiefs, scribes, and ethnographers [electronic resource] : Kuna culture from inside and out / James Howe.

A tortilla is like life [electronic resource] : food and culture in the San Luis valley of Colorado / Carole M. Counihan.

Blood and culture [electronic resource] : youth, right-wing extremism, and national belonging in contemporary Germany / Cynthia Miller-Idriss.

Cultures of servitude [electronic resource] : modernity, domesticity, and class in India / Raka Ray and Seemin Qayum.

Anthropology at the front lines of gender-based violence [electronic resource] / Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane, editors.

Global perspectives on war, gender and health [electronic resource] : the sociology and anthropology of suffering / edited by Hannah Bradby and Gillian Lewando Hundt.

Anthropology and the individual [electronic resource] : a material culture perspective / edited by Daniel Miller.

Science and religious anthropology [electronic resource] : a spiritually evocative naturalist interpretation of human life / Wesley J. Wildman.

Innovation in cultural systems [electronic resource] : contributions from evolutionary anthropology / edited by Michael J. O'Brien and Stephen J. Shennan.

New Materials for Journalism

Radio's America [electronic resource] : the Great Depression and the rise
of modern mass culture / Bruce Lenthall.

New heights in modern media & public relations [electronic resource] /
Brijendra Pande.

New media and the new Middle East [electronic resource] / edited by Philip

Encyclopaedia of mass media [electronic resource] : Vol. I - III / edited by
M.A. Khan.

Electronic elsewheres [electronic resource] : media, technology, and the experience of social space / Chris Berry, Soyoung Kim, and Lynn Spigel, editors.

Media pressure on foreign policy [electronic resource] : the evolving theoretical framework / by Derek B. Miller.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New titles in Education

The University of Google [electronic resource] : education in the (post) information age / Tara Brabazon.

Inspiring faith in schools [electronic resource] : studies in religious education / edited by Marius Felderhof, Penny Thompson, David Torevell.

The answer is in the room : how effective schools scale up student success by Alan M. Blankstein

PLCs, DI, & RTI : professional learning communities, differentiated instruction, response to intervention : a tapestry for school change by Judy Stoehr

The inception of modern professional education [electronic resource] : C.C. Langdell, 1826-1906 by Bruce

Multi-dimensional education : a common sense approach to data-driven thinking edited by Michael W. Corrigan, Doug Grove, Philip F. Vincent

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Materials for Social Work

Relationship-based social work [electronic resource] : getting to the heart of practice / edited by Gillian Ruch, Danielle Turney and Adrian Ward.

A best practice guide to assessment and intervention for autism and Asperger syndrome in schools [electronic resource] / Lee A. Wilkinson.

A practical guide to outcome evaluation [electronic resource] / Liz Hoggarth and Hilary Comfort.

Tackling addiction [electronic resource] : pathways to recovery / edited by Rowdy Yates and Margaret S. Malloch.

New Materials for English

Contemporary Narrative [electronic resource] : Textual roduction, multimodality and multiliteracies. By Doloughan, Fiona J.

Modernist literature [electronic resource] : a guide for the perplexed by Childs, Peter

Mentoring in eighteenth-century British literature and culture [electronic resource] / edited by
Anthony W. Lee.

Urban confrontations in literature and social science,1848-2001 [electronic resource] : European contexts, American evolutions / Edward J. Ahearn.

New titles in Political Science

Political finance and corruption in Eastern Europe [electronic resource] : the transition period / edited by Daniel Smilov and Jurij Toplak.

Labour's thinkers [electronic resource] : the intellectual roots of labour from Tawney to Gordon Brown / Matt Beech and Kevin Hickson.

The state and the subaltern [electronic resource] : modernisation, society and the state in Turkey and Iran /Touraj Atabaki, editor

Labour's lost leader [electronic resource] : the life and politics of Will Crooks  by Paul Tyler.

Rebellion in Brunei [electronic resource] : the 1962 revolt, imperialism, confrontation and oil / by Harun Abdul Majid.

The presidential campaign of Barack Obama : a critical analysis of a racially transcendent strategy by Dewey M. Clayton
The Obama victory : how media, money, and message shaped the 2008 election by Kate Kenski
Vaults, mirrors, and masks [electronic resource] : rediscovering U.S. counterintelligence by Jennifer E. Sims

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Titles in Women and Gender Studies

Due diligence and its application to protect women from violence [electronic resource] / edited by Carin Benninger-Budel.

My name is not Natasha' [electronic resource] : how Albanian women in
France use trafficking to overcome social exclusion (1998-2001) / John

The status of women under Islamic law and modern Islamic legislation
[electronic resource].

Want to start a revolution? [electronic resource] : radical women in the Black freedom struggle / edited by Dayo F. Gore, Jeanne Theoharis, and Komozi Woodard.

Women and Islamic revival in a West African town [electronic resource] / Adeline Masquelier.

Side dishes [electronic resource] : Latina American women, sex, and cultural production / Melissa A. Fitch.

Becoming modern women [electronic resource] : love and female identity in prewar Japanese literature and culture / Michiko Suzuki.

If I'd known then [electronic resource] : women in their 20s and 30s write letters to their younger selves / edited by Ellyn Spragins.

Making women count [electronic resource] : a history of the Women's Electoral Lobby / Marian Sawer with Gail Radford.

Transcultural bodies [electronic resource] : female genital cutting in global context / edited by Ylva Hernlund, Bettina Shell-Duncan.

Coercive control [electronic resource] : how men entrap women in personal life / Evan Stark.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New titles in Information Systems

Securing emerging wireless systems [electronic resource] : lower-layer approaches / by Yingying Chen ... [et al.].
Notes on digital signal processing : practical recipes for design, analysis, and implementation by C. Britton Rorabaugh.
Digital terrestrial broadcasting networks [electronic resource] / Roland Beutler.

The user's approach to topological methods in 3d dynamical systems [electronic resource] / Mario A. Natiello, Hernan G. Solari.

Financial management information systems [electronic resource] : 25 years of World Bank experience on what works and what doesn't / [Cem Dener, Joanna Alexandra Watkins, William Leslie Dorotinsky].

Access controlled : the shaping of power, rights, and rule in cyberspace by Ronald Deibert

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New titles in Mathematics

Game theoretic risk analysis of security threats [electronic resource] /edited by Vicki M. Bier, M. Naceur Azaiez.

Riemannian holonomy groups and calibrated geometry [electronic resource] / Dominic D. Joyce.

Lectures on QED and QCD [electronic resource] : practical calculation and renormalization of one- and multi-loop Feynman diagrams / Andrey Grozin.

Mathematical Olympiad in China [electronic resource] : problems and solutions / editors, Xiong Bin, Lee Peng Yee.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Titles for American Studies

Almost a miracle [electronic resource] : the American victory in the War of Independence / John Ferling.

American wilderness [electronic resource] : a new history / edited by Michael Lewis.

Arbitrary justice [electronic resource] : the power of the American prosecutor / Angela J. Davis.

Open secrets of American foreign policy [electronic resource] / Gordon Tullock.

Newark [electronic resource] : a history of race, rights, and riots in America / Kevin Mumford.

Once you go Black [electronic resource] : choice, desire, and the Black American intellectual / Robert Reid-Pharr.

Long before Stonewall [electronic resource] : histories of same-sex sexuality in early America / edited by Thomas A. Foster ; with an afterword by John D'Emilio.

Children at play [electronic resource] : an American history / Howard P. Chudacoff.

The Puritan origins of American patriotism [electronic resource] / George McKenna.

New Titles for Social Work

Social influence network theory [electronic resource] : a sociological examination of small group dynamics by Noah E. Friedkin, Eugene C. Johnsen.

Adaptation and well-being [electronic resource] : social allostasis by Jay Schulkin.

The McDonaldization of social work [electronic resource] by Donna Dustin.

Understanding treatment without consent [electronic resource] : an analysis of the work of the Mental Health Act Commission / by Ian Shaw, Hugh Middleton,
and Jeffrey Cohen.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Musicians and composers of the 20th century by Alfred William Cramer

A world history of photography by Naomi Rosenblum

Tourism and the branded city [electronic resource] : film and identity on the Pacific Rim / Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, John G. Gammack.
On location in Cuba [electronic resource] : street filmaking [sic] during times of transition by Ann Marie Stock

A laboratory for art : Harvard's Fogg Museum and the emergence of conservation in America, 1900-1950 by Francesca G. Bewer

City/art [electronic resource] : the urban scene in Latin America by Rebecca E. Biron