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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Materials in American Studies

Black Yanks in the Pacific [electronic resource] : race in the making of
American military empire after World War II / Michael Cullen Green.

Of herds and hermits [electronic resource] : America's lone wolves and
submissive sheep, or, The American intellectual as loner and outcast /
Terry Reed.

The making of the American dream [electronic resource] : an unconventional history of the United States from 1607 to 1900. Volume I, The making of a republic / Lewis E. Kaplan.

The turkey and the eagle [electronic resource] : the struggle for
America's global role / Caleb Stewart Rossiter.

Faces of America [electronic resource] : how 12 extraordinary people discovered their pasts / Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Thinking America [electronic resource] : New England intellectuals and the varieties of American identity / Andrew Taylor.

Lincoln's way [electronic resource] : how six great Presidents created American power / Richard Striner.

From melting pot to witch's cauldron [electronic resource] : how multiculturalism failed America / Ernesto Caravantes.

Fighting for America [electronic resource] : the struggle for mastery in North America, 1519-1871 / Jeremy Black.

American idyll [electronic resource] : academic antielitism as cultural critique / Catherine Liu.

New titles in Marketing and Management

An American's guide to doing business in China [electronic resource] : negotiating contracts and agreements, understanding culture and customs, marketing products and services / Mike Saxon

Beyond performance [electronic resource] : how great organizations build ultimate competitive advantage / Scott Keller, Colin Price

Innovative tools for business coalitions in B2B applications [electronic resource] : how negotiation, auction and game theory can support small-and medium-sized business in e-business / Pierluigi Argoneto, Paolo Renna.

The shame of reason in organizational change [electronic resource] : a Levinassian perspective / by Naud Van der Ven ; translated by David Bevan.

The triple m of organizations [electronic resource] : man, management and myth / Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger.

Understanding proactive customer orientation [electronic resource] :construct development and managerial implications / Dennis Herhausen ;with a foreword by Marcus Schogel.

Four essays on international entrepreneurship [electronic resource] /Gordian R*attich ; with a preface by Evi Hartmann

Corporate governance and business ethics [electronic resource] / Alexander Brink, editor.

Reputation management [electronic resource] / Sabrina Helm, Kerstin Liehr-Gobbers, Christopher Storck, editors.

Leadership-- What really matters [electronic resource] : a handbook on systemic leadership / Daniel F. Pinnow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Soundtrack success [electronic resource] : a digital storyteller's guide to audio post-production / Jeffrey P. Fisher

Tap dancing America : a cultural history by Constance Valis Hill

The story of graphic design : from the invention of writing to the birth of digital design by Patrick Cramsie

The digital eye : photographic art in the electronic age by Sylvia Wolf

Transmission arts : artists & airwaves by Galen Joseph-Hunter

A philosophy of computer art by Dominic Lopes

Conspiracy films : a tour of dark places in the American conscious by William Barna Donovan

The art of looking sideways by Alan Fletcher

100 animated feature films by Andrew Osmond

Acting solo : roadmap to success by Bruce J. Miller

Monday, November 28, 2011

New titles in Environmental Science

Protecting the global environment Gary C. Bryner

Wicked environmental problems [electronic resource] : managing uncertainty and conflict by Peter J. Balint

Human dimensions of ecological restoration [electronic resource] : integrating science, nature, and culture by Dave Egan

Schooling for sustainable development in South America [electronic resource] : policies, actions and educational experiences by Maria Lucia de Amorim Soares
Climate savvy [electronic resource] : adapting conservation and resource management to a changing world by Lara J. Hansen

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New titles in Native American Studies

Converging streams : art of the Hispanic and Native American Southwest by William Wroth

Tipi : heritage of the Great Plains by Nancy B. Rosoff

Theoretical perspectives on American Indian education : taking a new look at academic success and the achievement gap by Terry E. Huffman

All Indians do not live in teepees (or casinos) by Catherine C. Robbins

Reservation reelism : redfacing, visual sovereignty, and representations of Native Americans in film by Michelle H. Raheja

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Materials in Sociology/Anthropology

The transition study of postsocialist China [electronic resource] : an ethnographic study of a model community / Wing-Chung Ho.

Conflict, complexity and mathematical social science [electronic resource] / Gordon Burt.

Anarchism and syndicalism in the colonial and postcolonial world, 1870-1940 [electronic resource] : the praxis of national liberation, internationalism, and social revolution / edited by Steven Hirsch, Lucien van der Walt.

Research in economic anthropology [electronic resource] : Volume 30,
Economic action in theory and practice: anthropological investigations /
edited by Donald C. Wood.

Anthropology at war [electronic resource] : World War I and the science of race in Germany / Andrew D. Evans.

Culture crisis [electronic resource] : anthropology and politics in Aboriginal Australia / edited by Jon Altman and Melinda Hickson.

Fieldwork is not what it used to be [electronic resource] : learning anthropology's method in a time of transition / edited by James D. Faubion and George E. Marcus ; foreword by Michael M.J. Fischer.

Queer methods and methodologies [electronic resource] : intersecting queer theories and social science research / edited by Kath Browne and Catherine J. Nash.

Progress or perish [electronic resource] : Northern perspectives on social change / edited by Aini Linjakumpu and Sandra Wallenius-Korkalo.

Transgression as a mode of resistance [electronic resource] : rethinking social movement in an era of corporate globalization / Christina R. Foust.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New titles in Education

The education of children in geographically remote regions through distance education [electronic resource] : perspectives and lessons from Australia

The scholarship of teaching and learning reconsidered [electronic resource]: institutional integration and impacy by Pat Hutchings, Mary Taylor Huber and Anthony Ciccone

How not to be a terrible school board member : lessons for school administrators and board members by Richard E. Mayer

Uneducated guesses [electronic resource] : using evidence to uncover misguided education policies by Howard Wainer

Great performances [electronic resource]: creating classroom-based assessment tasks by Larry Lewin, Betty Jean Shoemaker

The online learning idea book. Volume 2 [electronic resource]:proven ways to enhance technology-based and blended learning

E-learning and the science of instruction [electronic resource]: proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Mayer

Wisdom and the well-rounded life [electronic resource] : what is a university?  by Peter Milward

The thinking child resource book [electronic resource] : brain-based learning for the early years foundation stage by Nicola Call

Banishing bullying behavior [electronic resource] : transforming the culture of pain, rage, and revenge by SuEllen Fried

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New titles in History

Latin America's new left and the politics of gender [electronic resource] : lessons from Nicaragua / Karen Kampwirth.

Mexico : from the Olmecs to the Aztecs by Michael D. Coe

The Aztecs by Richard F. Townsend

The greater journey : Americans in Paris by David G. McCullough

Forsaken heroes of the Pacific War : one man's true story by Don Morrow

Encyclopedia of the Cold War [electronic resource] by Ruud van Dijk

When peace fails : lessons from Belfast for the Middle East by Thomas G. Mitchell

Iraq : a lost war by Mohamed El-Shibiny

Daily life in the Ottoman Empire [electronic resource] by Mehrdad Kia

Finish forty and home [electronic resource] : the untold World War II story of B-24s in the Pacific by Phil

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Materials in Theology

Theology in the public sphere / Sebastian C.H. Kim.

New Materials in Women & Gender Studies

Gender disparities in Africa's labor market [electronic resource] / Jorge
Saba Arbache, Alexandre Kolev, and Ewa Filipiak, editors.

The right to be out [electronic resource] : sexual orientation and gender
identity in America's public schools / Stuart Biegel.

Behind the scenes of science [electronic resource] : gender practices in
the recruitment and selection of professors in the Netherlands / Marieke
van den Brink.

Sociology, gender and educational aspirations [electronic resource] :
girls and their ambitions / Carol Fuller.

Women's rights in the Middle East and North Africa [electronic resource] :
progress amid resistance / Sanja Kelly, Julia Breslin, editors.

New Materials in Philosophy

Mind ascribed [electronic resource] : an elaboration and defence of interpretivism / Bruno M*older.

Queer beauty [electronic resource] : sexuality and aesthetics from Winckelmann to Freud and beyond /                        Whitney Davis.

Naturalism and normativity [electronic resource] /edited by Mario De Caro and David Macarthur.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Titles in Information Systems

Auditing cloud computing [electronic resource] : a security and privacy guide / [edited by] Ben Halpert

Security administrator street smarts [electronic resource] : a real world guide to CompTIA security+ skills certification and beyond / David R. Miller, Michael Gregg

Cnna [electronic resource] : Cisco certified network associate review guide / Todd Lammle

CompTIA security+ [electronic resource] : review guide / James M. Stewart

CompTIA security+ study guide [electronic resource] : exam SY0-301 /Emmett Dulaney

Microsoft Windows security essentials [electronic resource] by Darril Gibson

Modern communications receiver design and technology  [electronic resource] by Cornell Drentea

Building job sites with Joomla! [electronic resource] by Santonu Kumar Dhar

The Oracle universal content management handbook [electronic resource]: build, administer, and manage Oracle Stellent UCM solutions: practical knowledge and breakthrough shortcuts to Oracle UCM expertise by Dmitri Khanine

Plone 3 intranets [electronic resource] : design, build, and deploy a reliable, full-featured, and secure Plone-based enterprise intranet easily from scratch by Victor Fernández de Alba

Monday, November 21, 2011

New titles in African Studies

Decentralization in Uganda : explaining successes and failures in local governance by Gina M.S. Lambright
Environmental change in Lesotho [electronic resource] : an analysis of the causes and consequences of land-use change in the lowland region by Pendo Maro

Innovations as key to the green revolution in Africa [electronic resource] : exploring the scientific facts by A.
Nubian women of West Aswan : negotiating tradition and change by Anne M. Jennings
Fighting poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] : the multiple roles of legumes in integrated soil fertility management by A. Bationo

British engineers and Africa, 1875-1914 [electronic resource]  by Casper Andersen

New titles in Information Systems

Formal development of a network-centric RTOS [electronic resource] : software engineering for reliable embedded systemsby Eric Verhulst

Microelectronic test structures for CMOS technology [electronic resource] by Manjul Bhushan

Cognitive radio mobile ad hoc networks [electronic resource] by F. Richard Yu

Robust control of robots [electronic resource] : fault tolerant approaches by Adriano A.G.

Low power and reliable SRAM memory cell and array design [electronic resource] by Koichiro

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New titles in Native American studies

The Aztecs by Richard F. Townsend

On the origin of tepees : the evolution of ideas (and ourselves) by Jonnie Hughes

Lakota portraits : lives of the legendary Plains people by Joseph Agonito

The Tonawanda Senecas' heroic battle against removal : conservative activist Indians by Laurence M. Hauptman

Pachakutik [electronic resource] : indigenous movements and electoral politics in Ecuador by Marc Becker

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Materials in Psychology

The intersubjective mirror in infant learning and evolution of speech [electronic resource] / Stein Br*aten.

Making Freud more Freudian [electronic resource] / Arnold Rothstein.

The vampire book [electronic resource] : the encyclopedia of the undead /
by J. Gordon Melton.

The life and death of psychoanalysis [electronic resource] : on unconscious desire and its sublimation.

New titles in Computer Science

Illustrated C# 2010 [electronic resource] by Daniel M. Solis
HTML5 solutions  [electronic resource] : essential techniques for HTML5 developers by Marco Casario

Beginning Blender [electronic resource] : open source 3D modeling, animation, and game design by Lance

Pro Oracle database 11g administration [electronic resource] by Darl Kuhn

Pro Objective-C design patterns for iOS [electronic resource] by Carlo Chung

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Cinematography [electronic resource] : theory and practice : imagemaking for cinematographers and directors by Blain Brown

Divine inspirations : music and Islam in Indonesia / co-editors David D. Harnish, Anne K. Rasmussen.

Pop cult : religion and popular music / Rupert Till.

Film theory and criticism : introductory readings by Leo Braudy

How to understand a painting : decoding symbols in art by Françoise Barbe-Gall

Fantasy film : a critical introduction by James Walters

After Weegee : essays on contemporary Jewish American photographers by Daniel Morris

Making the scene : a history of stage design and technology in Europe and the United States by Oscar G. Brockett

Post-jazz poetics : a social history by Jennifer D. Ryan

Monday, November 14, 2011

New titles in History

Yalta 1945 : Europe and America at the crossroads by Fraser J. Harbutt
The Iraq papers by John Ehrenberg
The ancient Greeks : an introduction by Stephanie Lynn Budin
 Historians and nationalism : East-Central Europe in the nineteenth century by Monika Baár 

Conceiving the old regime : pronatalism and the politics of reproduction in early modern France by Leslie Tuttle
Twentieth century China : a history in documents by R. Keith Schoppa
The Ionian Islands and Epirus : a cultural history by Jim Potts

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Materials in Women & Gender Studies

Women's rights in the Middle East and North Africa [electronic resource] :
progress amid resistance / Sanja Kelly, Julia Breslin, editors.

Getting in the game [electronic resource] : Title IX and the women's
sports revolution / Deborah L. Brake.

Push comes to shove [electronic resource] : new images of aggressive women/ Maud Lavin.

Some liked it hot [electronic resource] : jazz women in film and television, 1928-1959 / Kristin A. McGee.

Once iron girls [electronic resource] : essays on gender by post-Mao
Chinese literary women / translated and edited with an introduction by Hui Wu.

Intimate encounters [electronic resource] : Filipina women and the remaking of rural Japan / Lieba Faier.

Globalization and third world women [electronic resource] : exploitation, coping and resistance / edited by Ligaya Lindio-McGovern, Isidor Wallimann.

Women constructing men [electronic resource] : female novelists and their male characters, 1750-2000 / edited by Sarah S.G. Frantz and Katharina Rennhak.

Strip club [electronic resource] : gender, power, and sex work / Kim Price-Glynn.

Gender and sexuality in the workplace [electronic resource] / edited by Christine Williams, Kirsten Dellinger.