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Friday, September 19, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New titles in International Relations

We the peoples : a UN for the 21st century
    Annan, Kofi A.

The good project: humanitarian relief NGOs and the fragmentation of reason by Monika Krause

Peace operations by Paul F. Diehl

A new era of nonviolence: the power of civil society over war by Tom H. Hastings

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New titles in International Relations

Practices of freedom: decentred governance, conflict and democratic participation edited by Steven Griggs and others

Evaluation: seeking truth or power?
    Eliadis, F. Pearl

The elections in Israel 2009
 Arian, Alan.

Local peacebuilding and national peace: interaction between grassroots and elite processes    
Mitchell, C. R.

Embassies in armed conflict
 Berridge, Geoff.

Monday, March 10, 2014

New titles in International Relations

Global security watch -- Syria by Fred H. Lawson

The ethics of immigration by Joseph H. Carens

Strategic vision: America and the crisis of global power by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Internationalism in the age of nationalism by Glenda Sluga

Divided together: the United States and the Soviet Union in the United Nations, 1945-1965

The nuclear renaissance and international security edited by Adam N. Stulberg and Matthew Fuhrmann

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New titles in International Relations

Latin American state building in comparative perspective [electronic resource] : social foundations of institutional order by Marcus J. Kurtz

Paper citizens [electronic resource] : how illegal immigrants acquire citizenship in developing countries by Kamal Sadiq

 Political thought and international relations [electronic resource] : variations on a realist theme    by Duncan Bell

Polite anarchy in international relations theory by Zaheer Kazmi

The diffusion of power in global governance : international political economy meets Foucault
by Stefano Guzzini

Monday, November 11, 2013

New titles in International Relations

Liberty abroad : J.S. Mill on international relations by Georgios  Varouxakis

Return migration in later life : international perspectives by John Percival

The role of American NGOs in China's modernization : invited influence by Norton Wheeler

Understanding the globalization of intelligence by Adam D.M. Svendsen

The China Renaissance [electronic resource] : the rise of Xi Jinping and the 18th Communist Party Congress  by Jonathan Sharp

New titles in International Relations

Immigration, Islam, and the politics of belonging in France [electronic resource] : a comparative framework by Elaine R. Thomas

Competitive elections and the American voter [electronic resource]  by Keena Lipsitz

Culture and foreign policy [electronic resource] : the neglected factor in international relations by Howard J. Wiarda

Foreigners, refugees, or minorities? [electronic resource] : rethinking people in the context of border controls and visas  by Didier Bigo

International dispute settlement [electronic resource] : room for innovations? 

From frontier policy to foreign policy [electronic resource] : the question of India and the transformation of geopolitics in Qing China  by Matthew W. Mosca

Friday, November 1, 2013

New titles in International Relations

The European Union explained: institutions, actors, global impact by Andreas Staab

Armed state building: confronting state failure, 1898-2012 by Paul D. Miller

Qatar: small state, big politics b y Mehran Kamrava

The DREAMers: how the undocumented youth movement transformed the immigrant rights debate by Walter J. Nicholls

Pregnant on arrival: making the illegal immigrant by Eithne Luibheid

The people want: a radical exploration of the Arab uprising by Gilbert Achcar

The longings and limits of global citizenship education: the moral pedagogy of schooling in a cosmopolitan age by Jeffrey S. Dill

Containing Russia's nuclear firebirds: harmony and change at the International Science & Technology Center

Accidental immigrants and the search for home [electronic resource] : women, cultural identity, and community by Carol E. Kelley

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New titles in International Relations

Distant witness: social media, the Arab Spring and a journalism revolution by Andy Carvin

Prospect theory and foreign policy analysis in the Asia Pacific [electronic resource] : rational leaders and risky behavior by Kai He and Huiyun Feng

State making and territory in South Asia [electronic resource] : lessons from the Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816) by Bernardo A. Michael

The performance of nationalism [electronic resource] : India, Pakistan and the memory of Partition by Jisha Menon

 Rock the Casbah : rage and rebellion across the Islamic world by Robin B. Wright

A call to conscience : the anti-Contra War campaign by Roger C. Peace

Monday, February 18, 2013

New titles in International Relations

International migration and citizenship today by Niklaus Steiner

The Organization of American States (OAS): global governance away from the media by Monica Herz

 The Vietnam War: a concise international history by Mark Atwood

Transatlantic relations since 1945: an introduction by Jussi M. Hanhimaki et al

Passport to Peking: a very British mission to Mao's China by Patrick Wright

The immigrant war [electronic resource]: a global movement against discrimination and exploitation by Vittorio Longhi

The European Union and the Arab Spring [electronic resource]: promoting democracy and human rights in the Middle East edited by Joel Peters

The scramble for citizens [electronic resource]: dual nationality and state competition for immigrants by David Cook-Martin

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New titles in International Relations

As the world turns, observations on international business and policy, going international and transitions [electronic resource] compiled by Michael R. Czinkota

The Euro at 10 [electronic resource] : Europeanization, power and convergence edited by Kenneth Dyson

Security integration in Europe [electronic resource] : how knowledge-based networks are transforming the European Union by Mai'a K. Davis Cross

Migration of policymaking in Europe [electronic resource] : the dynamics of actors and contexts in past and present edited by Giovanna Zincone et al

Flawed diplomacy : the United Nations & the War on Terrorism by Victor D. Comras

Monday, December 3, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Militias and the Challenges of Post-Conflict Peace by Chris Alden

Globalization, Institutions and Governance by James A. Caporaso

Elections and the Media in Post Conflict Africa by Marie-Soleil Frère

Birth of hegemony [electronic resource]: crisis, financial revolution, and emerging global networks by Andrew C. Sobel

The day Turkey stood still [electronic resource]: Merve Kavakci's walk into the Turkish Parliament by Richard Peres

When small states make big leaps [electronic resource]: institutional innovation and high-tech competition in Western Europe by Darius Ornston

Monday, October 22, 2012

New titles in International Relations

External intervention and the politics of state formation [electronic resource]: China, Indonesia, and Thailand, 1893-1952 by Ja Ian Chong

War, guilt, and world politics after World War II [electronic resource] by Thomas U. Berger

The United States and the world [electronic resource]: from imitation to challenge by Andrzej Mania and Aukasz Wordliczek editors

Global perspectives on migration and development [electronic resource]: GFMD Puerto Vallarta and beyond by Irena Omelaniuk editor

The economics of freedom [electronic resource]: theory, measurement and policy implications by Sebastiano Bavetta, Pietro Navarra

International relations and the first great debate [electronic resource] edited by Brian C. Schmidt

India's late, late industrial revolution [electronic resource] : democratizing entrepreneurship by Sumit Kumar  Majumdar

The limits of ethics in international relations : natural law, natural rights, and human rights in transition by David Boucher