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Monday, January 26, 2015

New titles in Mathematics

High performance parallel I/O edited by Quinvry Koziol Prabhat

Practical cryptography : algorithms and implementations using C++
    Azad, Saiful

Combinatorial maps : efficient data structures for computer graphics and image processing
    Damiand, Guillaume

Spectral radius of graphs
    Stevanovi─ç, Dragan

Abductive analysis : theorizing qualitative research
    Tavory, Iddo

New titles in History

Intellectuals and the search for national identity in twentieth-century Brazil by Ronald H. Chilcote

Vicksburg and Chatanooga: the battles that doomed the Confederacy by Jack H. Lepa

The United States and the Armed Forces of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, 2000/2014 by Rene de la Pedraja

El Proyecto Macnamara: the Maverick Irish priest and the race to seize California 1844-1846 by John Fox

The global republic: America's inadvertent rise to world power by Frank Ninkovich

Israel since the Six-Day War: tears of joy, tears of sorrow by Leslie Stein

Brazilian propaganda: legitimizing an authoritarian regime by Nina Schneider

A press divided: newspaper coverage of the Civil war by David B. Sachsman, editor

Serving the Amish: a cultural guide for professionals by James A. Cates

Obsidian reflections: symbolic dimensions of obsidian in Mesoamerica edited by Marc N. Levine and others