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Monday, December 31, 2012

New titles in Environmental Science

Climate change and migration : security and borders in a warming world  by Gregory White

The carbon efficient city [electronic resource] by A-P Hurd and Al Hurd

Valuing climate change mitigation [electronic resource] applying stated preferences in the presence of uncertainty by Sonia Akter and Jeff Bennett

The Science of Energy [electronic resource] by Roger G. Newton

Green electronics manufacturing [electronic resource]: creating environmental sensible products by John X. Wang

New titles in History

Chasing Aphrodite : the hunt for looted antiquities at the world's richest museum by Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino

Letters to Lee [electronic resource] : from Pearl Harbor to the war's final mission by James V. Edmundson

Jack Toffey's war [electronic resource] : a son's memoir by John J. Toffey

 Race questions, provincialism, and other American problems [electronic resource] by Josiah Royce

Wild dreams [electronic resource] : the best of Italian Americana edited by Carol Bonomo Albright and Joanna Clapps Herman

Outright assassination [electronic resource] : the trial and execution of Antun Sa'adeh 1949 by Adel Beshara

From Neolithic cultures through the Great Qing Empire, 10,000 BCE - 1799 CE [electronic resource] by Harold M. Tanner

The will to survive [electronic resource] : a history of Hungary by Bryan Cartledge

Pakistan [electronic resource] : beyond the 'crisis state' by Maleeha Lodhi, editor

Monday, December 24, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Diplomacy theory and practice  by Geoff Berridge

Deploying ourselves : Islamist violence and the responsible projection of U.S. force by David A. Westbrook

NATO and the Middle East : the geopolitical context post-9/11 by Mohammed Moustafa Orfy

China and India [electronic resource] : prospects for peace by Jonathan Holslag

New titles in Military Science

My father's war [electronic resource] : fighting with the Buffalo soldiers in World War II by Carolyn Ross Johnston

The nature of war [electronic resource] : origins and evolution of violent conflict by Jim Stempel

Warriors without war [electronic resource] : Seminole leadership in the late twentieth century by Patricia Riles Wickman

The soldier and the changing state [electronic resource]: building democratic armies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas by Zoltan Barany

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New titles in Marketing and Management

The market-driven supply chain : a revolutionary model for sales and operations planning in the new demand economy by Robert P. Burrows

Idea agent: leadership that liberates creativity and accelerates innovation by Lina M. Echeverria

The facilitator's fieldbook: step-by-step guides, checklists, samples and templates by Thomas Justice and David W. Jamieson

Talent leadership: a proven method for identifying and developing high-potential employees by John Mattone

Monday, December 10, 2012

New titles in Education

Student engagement and the academic library [electronic resource] by Loanne Snavely, editor

Social networking for schools [electronic resource] by Steven M. Baule and Julie E. Lewis

Designing online learning [electronic resource] : a primer for librarians by Sue Alman, Christinger Tomer, and Margaret L. Lincoln, editors

The bilingual school in the United States [electronic resource] : a documentary history edited by Paul J. Ramsey

Transformative learning through engagement [electronic resource] : student affairs practice as experiental pedagogy by Jane Fried and associates

New titles in History

Endless empire : Spain's retreat, Europe's eclipse, America's decline by Alfred W. McCoy

Islam and the Arab awakening by Tariq Ramadan

Unspoken : a story from the Underground Railroad by Henry Cole

Castle : how it works by David Macaulay

For the common defense : a military history of the United States from 1607 to 2012 by Allan Reed Millett

Becoming a superpower [videorecording] : Deng Xiaoping's reforms and their legacy by Rob Coldstream

New titles in Information Systems

Tackling Tumblr [electronic resource] : web publishing made simple by Thord Daniel Hedengren

Mobile and wireless communications for IMT-advanced and beyond [electronic resource] edited by Afif Osseiran, Jose F. Monserrat and Werner Mohr

Principles of communications networks and systems [electronic resource] edited by Nevio Benvenuto and Michele Zorzi

iPhone 4S [electronic resource] : portable genius by Paul McFedries

New titles in Atmospheric Sciences

Climate change from a criminological perspective [electronic resource] by Rob White, editor

Remote sensing and atmospheric ozone [electronic resource]: human activities versus natural variability by Arthur P. Cracknell and Costas A. Varotsos

Climate change, justice and sustainability [electronic resource]: linking climate and development policy by Ottmar Edenhofer et al, editors

Living Rainbow H20 by  Mae-Wan Ho

Climate change policy failures [electronic resource] : why conventional mitigation approaches cannot succeed by Howard A. Latin

Monday, December 3, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Militias and the Challenges of Post-Conflict Peace by Chris Alden

Globalization, Institutions and Governance by James A. Caporaso

Elections and the Media in Post Conflict Africa by Marie-Soleil Frère

Birth of hegemony [electronic resource]: crisis, financial revolution, and emerging global networks by Andrew C. Sobel

The day Turkey stood still [electronic resource]: Merve Kavakci's walk into the Turkish Parliament by Richard Peres

When small states make big leaps [electronic resource]: institutional innovation and high-tech competition in Western Europe by Darius Ornston

New titles in Military Science

Power and discourse and victimage ritual in the war on terror [electronic resource] by Michael Blain

Against security [electronic resource] : how we go wrong at airports, subways and other sites of ambiguous danger by Harvey Molotch

Lone wolf terror and the rise of leaderless resistance [electronic resource] : a global challenge edited by Thomas Scharf and Norah Keating

Knowing Al-Qaeda [electronic resource] : the epistemology of terrorism edited by Andreas Behnke and Christina Hellmich

Policing cyber hate, cyber threats and cyber terrorism [electronic resource] edited by Imran Awan and Brian Blakemore