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Friday, July 26, 2013

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Baroque music edited by Peter Walls

Classical and romantic music edited by David Milsom

Medieval music edited by Honey Meconi

The Nazi perpetrator [electronic resource]: postwar German art and the politics of the right by Paul B. Jaskot

African video movies and global desires [electronic resource]: a Ghanian history by Carmela Garritano

Yodel in hi-fi [electronic resource]: from kitsch folk to contemporary electronica by Bart Plantenga

Italian Renaissance and Cultural Memory by Patricia A. Emison

Diego Velázquez's early paintings and the culture of seventeenth-century Seville  by Tanya J. Tiffany

Music in the Renaissance   by Richard Freedman

New titles in African Studies

The countries of North Africa [electronic resource]: background and issues by Vincent G. Luciano, editor

Uncovering African agency [electronic resource]: Angola's management of China's credit lines by Lucy Corkin

The history of Somalia [electronic resource] by Raphael Chijioke

The politics of aid [electronic resource]: African strategies for dealing with donors edited by Lindsay Whitfield

Reclaiming African history [electronic resource] by Jacques Depelchin

Spear of the Nation [Umkhonto we Sizwe] [electronic resource]: South Africa's liberation army, 1960s-1990s by Janet Cherry

Africans in global migration [electronic resource]: searching for promised lands edited by John A. Arthur et al

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Titles in Physics

CoverComputational physics / Mark Newman

Cover ArtCover ArtPrinciples of sustainable energy / Frank Kreith, lead author ; Jan F. Kreider, co-author.

Epigenetics and development / edited by Edith Heard.

The Indus Basin of Pakistan : the impacts of climate risks on water and agriculture / Winston Yu, Yi-Chen
Yang, Andre Savitsky, Donald Alford, Casey Brown, James Wescoat, Dario Debowicz, and Sherman Robinson

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

New titles in Environmental Science

Climate change in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [electronic resource] by Jeremy I. Gilbert, editor

Municipalities addressing climate change [electronic resource]: a case study of Norway by Ilan Kelman, editor

Greening the academy [electronic resource]: ecopedagogy through the liberal arts edited by Samuel Day Fassbinder et al

The structural links between ecology, evolution and ethics [electronic resource]: the virtuous epistemic circle by Donato Bergandi, editor

Rachel Carson [electronic resource]: challenging authors by Karen F. Stein

The nature of transformation [electronic resource]: environmental adult education by Darlene E. Clover et al.

New titles in Atmospheric Science

Experimenting on a small planet [electronic resource] : a scholarly entertainment by William W.  Hay

Flash floods  [electronic resource] forecasting and warning by Kevin Sene

Atmosphere and ionosphere [electronic resource] : elementary processes, discharges and plasmoids by V.   Bychkov

Physics of the upper polar atmosphere  by Asegir Brekke

Atmosphere and climate [electronic resource]: physics, composition/dynamics and health impacts edited by Andrew Wright and Shawn Johnson

Climate change, trade, and competitiveness [electronic resource]: is a collision inevitable?: Brookings trade forum 2008/2009 edited by Lael Brainard and Isaac Sorkin

Gaia in turmoil [electronic resource]: climate change, biodepletion and earth ethics in an age of crisis edited by Eileen Crist and H. Bruce Rinker

Friday, July 5, 2013

New titles in History

Bound for the future [electronic resource]: child heroes of the Underground Railroad by Jonathan Shectman

Cyprus has always been Europe edited by Eleni Hadjipaschalis et al.

Saddam's generals: perspectives of the Iran-Iraq war by Kevin M. Woods et al.

Expeditionary eagles: outmaneuvering the Taliban by H. John Poole

Ourselves and others [electronic resource]: Scotland 1832-1914 by Graeme Morton

Operation Pied Piper [electronic resource]: the wartime evacuation of schoolchildren from London and Berlin 1938-46 by Niko Gartner

On Saudi Arabia : its people, past, religion, fault lines--and future by Karen Elliott House

The Amistad rebellion : an Atlantic odyssey of slavery and freedom by Marcus Rediker

Ayia Irini : the Western sector  by Elizabeth Schofield

Strong in the rain : surviving Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster  by Lucy Birmingham

New Titles in Modern Languages

 Twelve views from the distance [electronic resource] / Mutsuo Takahashi ; translated by Jeffrey Angles.

 Les mythologies individuelles [electronic resource] : récit de soi et photographie au 20e siècle / Magali Nachtergael.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New titles in Military Science

Cold days in hell [electronic resource] American POWS in Korea by William C. Latham

Generals of the Army [electronic resource] Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, Bradley by James H.  Willbanks

War stories[electronic resource]: suffering and sacrifice in the Civil War North by Frances M. Clarke

Deep state [electronic resource]: inside the government secrecy industry by Marc Ambinder

No place for a war baby [electronic resource]:  the global politics of children born of wartime sexual violence by Donna  Seto

The geography of international terrorism [electronic resource] : an introduction to spaces and places of violent non-state groups by Richard M. Medina

Boots on the ground [electronic resource]: the fight to liberate Afghanistan from al-Qaeda and the Taliban, 2001-2002 by Richard D.Camp

Fighting Patton [electronic resource] : George S. Patton Jr. through the eyes of his enemies by Harry Yeide

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Materials in Chemistry

Teaching chemistry-- a studybook [electronic resource] : a practical guide and textbook for student teachers, teacher trainees and teachers / edited by Ingo Eilks, Avi Hofstein.

Cover ArtTesla [electronic resource] : inventor of the electrical age / W. Bernard Carlson.

 Laboratory experiments using microwave heating [electronic resource] / authors, Nicholas E.
 Leadbeater, Cynthia B. McGowan.

Cover ArtA tale of seven elements [electronic resource] / Eric Scerri.

New Titles in Philosophy

Transition redesigned [electronic resource] : a practical philosophy perspective / edited by Wojciech
 W. Gasparski and Boleslaw Rok.

Cover ArtThe Eudemian ethics of Aristotle [electronic resource] / translated with explanatory comments by Peter L.P. Simpson.

 Lenin, religion, and theology [electronic resource] / Roland Boer.

The Medieval Fold [electronic resource] : Power, Repression, and the Emergence of the Individual / by Suzanne Verderber.

On the fourfold root of the principle of sufficient reason [electronic resource] ; On vision and colours ; On will in nature / Arthur Schopenhauer ; translated

Berlin, Isaiah, 1909-1997. Title: Against the current [electronic resource] : essays inthe history of ideas / Isaiah Berlin ; edited by Henry Hardy ; foreword by Mark Lilla ; introduction by Roger Hausheer.

Monday, July 1, 2013

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Korean horror cinema [electronic resource] edited by Alison Peirse and Daniel Martin

Weavers of dreams, unite! [electronic resource]: actor's unionism in early twentieth-century America by Sean P. Holmes

Music in Renaissance Ferrara, 1400-1505 [electronic resource]: the creation of a musical center in the fifteenth century by Lewis Lockwood

Image and audience [electronic resource
]: rethinking prehistoric art by Richard Bradley