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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Titles in Theology

Angelomorphic pneumatology: Clement of Alexandria and other early Christian witnesses by Bogdan Gabriel Bucur

Saving God:
religion after idolatry by Mark Johnston

The civic life of American religion; edited by Paul Lichterman and C. Brady Potts

Taming the gods: religion and democracy on three continents by Ian Buruma

Anatheism: returning to God after God by Richard Kearney

Society without God:
what the least religious nations can tell us about contentment by Phil Zuckerman

The garden and the fire: heaven and hell in Islamic culture by Nerina Rustomji

Religion in American politics: a short history by Frank Lambert

The democratic virtues of the Christian right by Jon A. Shields

Knock: the Virgin's apparition in nineteenth-century Ireland by Eugene Hynes

New Titles in Psychology

The behavioral neuroscience of adolescence / Linda Patia Spear.

How we decide / Jonah Lehrer.

The psychology of language : from data to theory / Trevor A. Harley.

You say more than you think : the 7-day plan for using the new body
language to get what you want
/ Janine Driver ; with Mariska van Aalst.

Forensic psychology and neuropsychology for criminal and civil cases / edited by Harold V. Hall.

Metacognition / John Dunlosky, Janet Metcalfe.

Single-word reading : behavioral and biological perspectives / edited by Elena L. Grigorenko, Adam J. Naples.

Writing forensic reports : a guide for mental health professionals / Daniel P. Greenfield.

Nonmedication treatments for adult ADHD : evaluating impact on daily functioning and well-being / J. Russell Ramsay.

Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth : assessment, prevention, and treatment / Linda Smolak.

Hallucinations : the science of idiosyncratic perception / André Aleman and Frank Larøi.

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Titles in Philosophy

Rescuing Dewey : essays in pragmatic naturalism / Peter T. Manicas.

The reception of pragmatism in France & the rise of Roman Catholic
modernism, 1890-1914
/ edited by David G. Schultenover.

Beyond power : Simone Weil and the notion of authority / Desmond Avery.

Karl Marx and contemporary philosophy / Chitty, Andrew

The big questions : tackling the problems of philosophy with ideas from mathematics, economics, and physics / Steven E. Landsburg.

Life is what you make it / Peter Buffett.

Great philosophical debates [videorecording] : free will and determinism / Shaun Nichols.

Love that does justice / Thomas L. Schubeck.

New Titles in Atmospheric Science

Galileo's new universe : the revolution in our understanding of the cosmos / Maran, Stephen P.

Air : our planet's ailing atmosphere / Tammemagi, Hans

Down to the wire : confronting climate collapse / Orr, David W.

Global warming is good for business : how savvy entrepreneuers, large
corporations, and others are making money while saving the planet /
Keilbach, K.B.

From here to infinity : a beginner's guide to astronomy / John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Electronic Resources in Theology

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894-1923) contains 14,000 titles published from 1894 through 1923.  It addresses subjects on conflict between religion and science, growing interest in world religions, and shifts in religious identification.

Oxford Biblical Studies is a resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history.  It includes six Oxford University Press Bible texts, Concordances, and chapters from Oxford reference sources.  Images and maps of the biblical world are also available.

New Titles in Social Work

Seeking justice in child sexual abuse : shifting burdens and sharing responsibilities / edited by Karen M. Staller and Kathleen Coulborn Faller.

Health, luck, and justice / Shlomi Segall.

Spatial policing : the influence of time, space, and geography on law enforcement practices / edited by Charles E. Crawford.

Judging Mohammed : juvenile delinquency, immigration, and exclusion at the Paris Palace of Justice / Susan J. Terrio.

Imprisoning Communities : how mass incarceration makes disadvantaged neighborhoods worse / Todd R. Clear.

Communication as comfort : multiple voices in palliative care / Sandra L.
Ragan ... [et al.].

Deaf people around the world : educational and social perspectives / Donald F. Moores.

New Titles in Philosophy

Sex, discrimination, and violence : surprising and unpopular results in applied ethics / Stephen Kershnar.

Truth : studies of a robust presence / edited by Kurt Pritzl.

Plato's myths / edited by Catalin Partenie.

Philip Melanchthon : orations on philosophy and education / edited by
Sachiko Kusukawa ; translated by Christine F. Salazar.

Philosophy of love : a partial summing-up / Irving Singer.

The confessionalization of humanism in Reformation Germany / Erika Rummel.

The culture of cursiler*ia : bad taste, kitsch, and class in modern Spain / Noel Valis.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New titles in Marketing and Management

The organization of the future 2: visions, strategies and insights on managing in a new era by Frances Hesselbein

Tupperware, unsealed : Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and the home party pioneers by Bob Kealing

SocialCorp: social media goes corporate by Joel Postman

The successful business plan: secrets & strategies by Rhonda M. Abrams

Inside the mind of the shopper: the science of retailing by Herb Sorensen

Inventing equal opportunity by Frank Dobbin

New Titles in Education

Rethinking classroom participation: : listening to silent voices by Katherine Schultz

From literature circles to blogs: activities for engaging professional learning communities by Susan Church and Margaret Swain

Mentoring : program development, relationships, and outcomes by Michael I. Keel

Autism checklist : a practical reference for parents and teachers by Paula Kluth

Parallel curriculum units for language arts by Jeanne Purcell

Adolescent literacy and differentiated instruction by Barbara King-Shaver

Motion leadership: the skinny on becoming change savvy by Michael Fullan

Curriculum 21: essential education for a changing world; edited by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Failure is not an option: 6 principles for making student success the only option by Alan M. Blankstein

Guiding professional learning communities: inspiration, challenge, surprise, and meaning by Shirley M. Hord, et al

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Titles in Biology

Darwin / by Alice B. McGinty ; illustrated by Mary Azarian.

The frog scientist / Pamela S. Turner ; photographs by Andy Comins.
How many baby pandas? / Sandra Markle.

Charles and Emma : the Darwins' leap of faith / Deborah Heiligman.

Nature's beloved son : rediscovering John Muir's botanical legacy / Gisel, Bonnie Johanna,

Bioinformatics / T. Charlie Hodgman, Andrew French and David R. Westhead.

The theory of island biogeography revisited / edited by Jonathan B. Losos and Robert E. Ricklefs.

Every living thing : man's obsessive quest to catalog life, from nanobacteria to new monkeys / Rob R. Dunn ; preface by E.O. Wilson.

New Titles in Native American Studies

Spirits of the air : birds & American Indians in the South / Shepard Krech III.

One hundred summers : a Kiowa calendar record / Candace S. Greene ;
foreword by Ellen Censky ; preface by Daniel C. Swan ; glossary by Gus
Palmer Jr.

Slavery in Indian country : the changing face of captivity in early America /Christina Snyder.

War dances / Sherman Alexie.

We have a religion : the 1920s Pueblo Indian dance controversy and American religious freedom / Tisa Joy Wenger.

Struggles of voice : the politics of indigenous representation in the Andes / Jose Antonio Lucero.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Electronic Resources

ProQuest New York Times Historical Newspaper (1851-2006)

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Tests in Print

JSTOR Business III Collection

New titles in Communication Studies

Israeli media and the framing of internal conflict: the Yemenite babies affair by Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber

Going local: presidential leadership in the post-broadcast age by Jeffrey E. Cohen

Strategic ambiguities: essays on communication, organization, and identity by Eric M. Eisenberg

Library mashups: exploring new ways to deliver library data by Nicole C. Engard

Destructive organizational communication: processes, consequences and contructive ways of organizing by Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik

The anywhere library:
a primer for the mobile Web by Courtney Greene

Ethics in public relations:
a guide to best practice by Patricia Parsons

New Titles in Physics

The quantum frontier : the large hadron collider by Don Lincoln

How physics confronts reality : Einstein was correct, but Bohr won the game by Roger G. Newton

Revelations by Harold W. G. Allen

Many-body methods in chemistry and physics: MBPT and coupled-cluster theory by Isaiah Shavitt and Rodney J. Bartlett

General relativity and the Einstein equations by Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat

Basic noncommutative geometry by Masoud Khalkhali

Mass spectrometry in grape and wine chemistry by Riccardo Flamini

Quantum computing explained [electronic resource] by David McMahon

The little book of string theory by Steven Scott Gubser

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New titles in American Studies

Medicine bundle: Indian sacred performance and American literature, 1842-1932 by Joshua David Bellin

American naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton and Cather by Donald Pizer

The real South: southern narrative in the age of cultural reproduction by Scott Romine

The American play, 1787-2000 by Marc Robinson

Notes from no man's land: American essays by Eula Biss

Eating history: 30 turning points in the making of American cuisine by Andrew F. Smith

New Titles in Theology

Global mufti: the phenomenon of Yusuf al-Qaradawi; edited by Bettina Graf and Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen

The care of the dead in late antiquity by Eric Rebillard

In the shadow of the incarnation
: essays on Jesus Christ in the early church in honor of Brian E. Daley, S.J edited by Peter William Martens

The Armenian Gospel of the Infancy : with three early versions of the Protevangelium of James by Abraham Terian

Theodore the Stoudite : the ordering of holiness by Roman Cholij

Translation and survival: the Greek Bible of the ancient Jewish Diaspora by Tessa Rajak

Geography and the Ascension narrative in Acts by Matthew Sleeman

The historical Jesus: five views; edited by James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy

Ritual and rhetoric in Leviticus: from sacrifice to scripture by James W. Watts

Messianism within the scriptural scroll of Isaiah by Randall Heskett

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Titles in Biology

Learning and inference in computational systems biology / edited by Neil D. Lawrence ... [et al.].

Trout and salmon of North America / Robert J. Behnke.

The story of sushi : an unlikely saga of raw fish and rice / Trevor Corson.

Insects of Hawaii; a manual of the insects of the Hawaiian Islands, including an enumeration of the species and notes on their origin, distribution, hosts, parasites, etc. /Elwood Curtin Zimmerman.

The North American porcupine / Uldis Roze.

Bioinformatics / T. Charlie Hodgman, Andrew French and David R. Westhead.

Illustrated birds of North America / Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer.

Every living thing : man's obsessive quest to catalog life, from
nanobacteria to new monkeys / Rob R. Dunn ; preface by E.O. Wilson.

The theory of island biogeography revisited / edited by Jonathan B. Losos and Robert E. Ricklefs.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Titles in International Relations

The Israeli-Palestinian road map for peace: a critical analysis by Derick L. Hulme

ConUNdrum: the limits of the United Nations and the search for alternatives by Brett D. Schaefer

The roots of war in the 21st century: geography, hegemony and politics in Asia-Pacific by Randall Jordan Doyle

Soft power : China's emerging strategy in international politics by Mingjiang Li

International negotiation in a complex world by Brigid Starkey

The use of force: military power and international politics by Robert J. Art

Russia, the asymmetric threat to the United States: a potent mixture of energy and missiles by John Wood

International relations in Southeast Asia: the struggle for autonomy by Donald E. Weatherbee

Russian foreign policy: the return of great power politics by Jeffrey Mankoff

New Titles in History

The second world : how emerging powers are redefining global competition in the twenty-first century by Parag Khanna

Vote for Caesar by Peter Jones

Great moments in Greek archaeology with academic coordinator, Panos Valavanis; translated by David Hardy

A tale of two monasteries : Westminster and Saint-Denis in the thirteenth century by William C. Jordan

Edward M. Kennedy: a biography by Adam Clymer

Great Plains: America's lingering wild by Michael Forsberg et al

Myths of harmony: race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Columbia 1795-1831 bt Marixa Lasso

Fordlandia: the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle city by Greg Grandin

The life and writings of Julio C. Tello: America's first indigenous archaeologist; edited by Richard L. Burger

Pakistan: eye of the storm by Owen Bennett Jones

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Electronic Titles in Business

Develop your leadership skills[electronic resource] /John Adair.

The complete guide to buying, developing & investing in green property[electronic resource] /Catherine Dawson.

Working abroad[electronic resource] :the complete guide to overseas employment / Jonathan Reuvid.

Building real estate wealth in a changing market[electronic resource] :reap large profits from bargain purchases in any economy /John W. Schaub.

Plan and conduct effective meetings[electronic resource] :24 steps to generate meaningful results /Barbara J. Streibel.

New Titles in Social Work

Qualitative inquiry and social justice : toward a politics of hope / by Norman K. Denzin.

The line [videorecording] / written, directed, and produced by Nancy Schwartzman.

Women of color on the rise : leadership and administration in social work education and the academy / Halaevalu F. Ofahengaue.

The myth of the missing black father / Roberta L. Coles

Lifting our voices : the journeys into family caregiving of professional social workers / [edited by] Joyce O. Beckett.

The life model of social work practice : advances in theory and practice / Alex Gitterman, Carel B. Germain.

Mental disorders, medications, and clinical social work / Sonia G. Austrian.

Delivering home-based services : a social work perspective / edited by Susan F. Allen and Elizabeth M. Tracy.

Research methods in child welfare / Amy J.L. Baker with Benjamin J. Charvat.

Women welfare and empowerment in India : vision for 21st century / edited by Rameshwari Pandya.

Gerontological home health care : a guide for the social work practitioner / Goldie Kadushin and Marcia Egan.

Substance use disorders in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients : assessment and treatment / Sandra C. Anderson.

Helping substance-abusing women of vulnerable populations : effective treatment principles and strategies / An-Pyng Sun.

The condemnation of blackness : race, crime, and the making of modern urban America / Khalil Gibran Muhammad.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New titles in International Relations

Comparing Asian politics: India, China, and Japan by Sue Ellen M. Charlton

Politics and society in Southeast Asia by Peter A. Poole

Resort to war:
a data guide to inter-state, extra-state, intra-state, and non-state wars, 1816-2007 by Meredith Reid Sarkees

Muslims in the West after 9/11: religion, politics and law by Jocelyne Cesari

New titles in Political Science

Better parties, better government:
a realistic program for campaign finance reform by Peter J. Wallison

Global warring: how environmental, economic and political crises will redraw the world map by Cleo Paskal

Majority rule versus consensus: the political thought of John C. Calhoun by James H. Read

Rousseau's the social contract:
a reader's guide by Christopher D. Wraight

Democracy and lobbying in the European Union by Karolina Karr

Party polarization in Congress by Sean M. Theriault

Democracy and the state in the new Southern Europe by Richard Gunther