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Friday, July 30, 2010

New titles in American Studies

Dissenting voices in America's rise to power by David Allan Mayers

The rise of the Ku Klux Klan : right-wing movements and national politics by Rory McVeigh

John Brown's trial by Brian McGinty

Little Saigons : Staying Vietnamese in America by Karin Aguilar-San Juan

New Titles in Theology

Introducing moral theology : true happiness and the virtues /
William C. Mattison III.

A history of Catholic moral theology in the twentieth century : from confessing sins to liberating consciences / James F. Keenan.

Rite of penance : approved for use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and confirmed by the Holy See with readings from the Revised Lectionary for Mass / English translation prepared by the International Commission on English in
the Liturgy.

Sons and daughters of the light : a pastoral plan for ministry with young adults / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New titles in Sociology and Anthropology

Medical anthropology:
a biocultural approach by Andrea S. Wiley

Introducing medical anthropology:
a discipline in action by Merrill Singer

The story of stuff: how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health -- a vision for change by Annie Leonard

The anthropology of health and healing by Mari Womack

Accidental ethnography: an inquiry into family secrecy by Christopher N. Poulos

New Titles in History

War to peace transition: conflict intervention and peacebuilding in Liberia; edited by Kenneth Omeje

The breakthrough : politics and race in the age of Obama by Gwen Ifill

From honto jin to bensheng ren: the origin and development of Taiwanese national consciousness by Shih-jung Tzeng

Naples and Napoleon: southern Italy and the European revolutions (1780-1860) by John A. avis

Impurity of blood: defining race in Spain, 1870-1930 by Joshua Goode

Portuguese oceanic expansion, 1400-1800 edited by Francisco Bethencourt and Diogo Ramada Curto

A Jean Monnet chronology : origins of the European Union in the life of a founder, 1888 to 1950by Clifford P. Hackett

Coalition politics and the Iraq war: determinants of choice by Daniel F. Baltrusaitis

Culture and conflict in the Middle East by Philip Carl Salzman

Ancient Greece : from the Mycenaean palaces to the age of Homer edited by Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy and Irene S. Lemos

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New titles in Economics and Finance

Race and entrepreneurial success : Black-, Asian-, and white-owned businesses in the United States by Robert W. Fairlie

Innovation, intellectual property, and economic growth by Christine Greenhalgh

How markets fail : the logic of economic calamities by John Cassidy

European unions : labor's quest for a transnational democracy by Roland Erne

New Titles in Native American Studies

The frontier newspapers and the coverage of the Plains Indian Wars / Hugh J. Reilly.

Chief Loco : Apache peacemaker / Bud Shapard.

Kiowa military societies : ethnohistory and ritual / William C. Meadows.

The journey of Tai-me / N. Scott Momaday.

Koasati traditional narratives : Kowass*aa:ti incokfa:lihilk*aa /
translated by Geoffrey D. Kimball ; with the assistance of Bel Abbey, Martha John, and Sam Thompson.

Traditions of the Osage : stories collected and translated by Francis la Flesche / edited and introduced by Garrick Bailey.

The Ponca tribe / by James H. Howard ; in collaboration with Peter Le Claire and other members of the tribe ; introduction to by Donald M. Brown.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New titles in Sociology and Anthropology

Race, ethnicity, and power in Ecuador: the manipulation of mestizaje by Karem Roitman

Organizational ethnography: studying the complexities of everyday life by Sierk Ybema

The reconstruction of space and time : mobile communication practices by Richard Seyler Ling

Places: linking nature, culture and planning by James Gordon Nelson

Monday, July 26, 2010

New titles in Theology

Joseph in Egypt: a cultural icon from Grotius to Goethe by Bernhard Lang

Moved by Mary: the power of pilgrimage in the modern world by Anna-Karina Hermkens

To make the earth whole: the art of citizen diplomacy in an age of religious militancy by Marc Gopin

Science and spirituality:
making room for faith in the age of science by Michael Ruse

Disability in the Hebrew Bible: interpreting mental and physical differences by Saul M. Olyan

The wisdom of Torah: epistemology in Deuteronomy and the wisdom literature by Ryan O'Dowd

Back to Darwin: a richer account of evolution by John B. Cobb

Disturbing revelation: Leo Strauss, Eric Voegelin and the Bible by John J. Ranieri

New Titles in Modern Languages

A companion to Latin American literature and culture / edited by Sara Castro-Klaren.

It is of Eden I was dreaming [videorecording] : Arthur Rimbaud, French poet, 1854-1891 / with paintings by Sidney Nolan.

Le Roman de Brut : the French book of Brutus / Wace ; translated by Arthur Wayne Glowka.

Stories of the Soviet experience : memoirs, diaries, dreams / Irina Paperno.

Onegin [videorecording] / Sterling Home Entertainment release ; Seven Arts International ; directed by Martha Fiennes ; screenplay by Michael Ignatieff and Peter Ettedgui.

Agaat / Marlene van Niekerk ; translated by Michiel Heyns.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New titles in Journalism

The place to be: Washington, CBS, and the glory days of television news
[electronic resource] by Roger Mudd

The Digital journalist's handbook by Mark S. Luckie

How the Sun lost its shine: a newsroom memoir by Elaine Tassy

God and the editor: my search for meaning at the New York Times by Robert H. Phelps

Newsrooms in conflict: journalism and the democratization of Mexico

The frontier newspapers and the coverage of the Plains Indian Wars by Hugh J. Reilly

Funding journalism in the digital age: business models, strategies, issues and trends by Jeff Kaye

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Electronic Titles in Environmental Science

The evolution of competitive strategies in global forestry industries [electronic resource] : comparative perspectives / edited by Juha-Antti Lamberg ... [et al.].

Landscapes of a new cultural economy of space [electronic resource] / edited by Theano S. Terkenli and Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre.

Dryland ecohydrology [electronic resource] / edited by Paolo D'Odorico and Amilcare Porporato.

Computer applications in sustainable forest management [electronic resource] : including perspectives on collaboration and integration / edited by Guofan Shao and Keith M. Reynolds.

Abiotic stress tolerance in plants [electronic resource] : toward the improvement of global environment and food / edited by Ashwani K. Rai and Teruhiro Takabe.

Primary wood processing [electronic resource] : principles and practice / by John C.F. Walker.

New Electronic Titles in Environmental Science

The ecology of transportation [electronic resource] : managing mobility for the environment / edited by John Davenport and Julia L. Davenport.

Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology. Vol. 185
[electronic resource]
/ edited by George Ware.

Changing land use patterns in the coastal zone [electronic resource] : managing environmental quality in rapidly developing regions / G.S. Kleppel, M. Richard DeVoe, Mac V. Rawson, editors.

Forest landscape ecology [electronic resource] : transferring knowledge to practice / edited by Ajith H. Perera, Lisa Buse, and Thomas Crow.

Landscape pattern analysis for assessing ecosystem condition [electronic resource] / by Glen D. Johnson and Ganapati P. Patil.

Monitoring nature conservation in cultural habitats [electronic resource] : a practical guide and case studies / edited by Clive Hurford and Michael

New Titles in English

A history of Victorian literature / James Eli Adams.

Literary remains : representations of death and burial in Victorian England / Mary Elizabeth Hotz.

The novelty of newspapers : Victorian fiction after the invention of the news / Matthew Rubery.

The Jewish odyssey of George Eliot / Gertrude Himmelfarb.

From the Fishouse : an anthology of poems that sing, rhyme, resound, syncopate, alliterate, and just plain sound great / edited by Camille T. Dungy, Matt O'Donnell, and Jeffrey Thomson.

Unpacking the boxes : a memoir of a life in poetry / Donald Hall.

The task of the critic : Terry Eagleton in dialogue / Terry Eagleton and Matthew Beaumont.

A companion to Arthurian literature / edited by Helen Fulton.

The Gothic and Catholicism : religion, cultural exchange and the popular novel, 1785-1829 / Maria Purves.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New titles in Political Science

Europe as empire : the nature of the enlarged European Union by Jan Zielonka

Political encyclopedia of U.S. states and regions by Donald P. Haider-Markel

FDR and Reagan : transformative presidents with clashing visions by John W. Sloan

The end of government-- as we know it : making public policy work by Elaine Ciulla Kamarck

Immigration worldwide : policies, practices, and trends by Uma Anand Segal

Unequal democracy : the political economy of the new gilded age by Larry M. Bartels

New Titles in Mathematics

A modern introduction to linear algebra by Henry Ricardo

What is a number?: mathematical concepts and their origins by Robert Tubbs

Matrix Theory from General Inverses to Jordan Form by Robert Piziak

Mathematics of fuzziness: basic issues by Xuzhu Wang, Da Ruan and Etienne E. Kerre

Synthetic geometry of manifolds by Anders Kock

Kinematics: the lost origins of Einstein's relativity by Alberto A. Martinez

A discrete transition to advanced mathematics by Bettina Richmond

The workflow of data analysis using Stata by J. Scott Long

Distributions, Sobolev spaces, elliptic equations by Dorothee Haroske

Logistic regression models by Joseph Hilbe

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Electronic Titles in Social Work

Cultural competency training in a global society [electronic resource] / Dana, Richard H.

Clinical handbook of mindfulness [electronic resource] / Fabrizio Didonna,
editor ; [foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn].

Handbook of positive behavior support [electronic resource] / edited by
Wayne Sailor ... [et al.].

Handbook of obesity intervention for the lifespan [electronic resource] /
Larry C. James, John C. Linton, editors.

The primary care toolkit [electronic resource] : practical resources for
the integrated behavioral care provider / Larry C. James, William T.
O'Donohue, editors.

Identifying, assessing, and treating PTSD at school [electronic resource]
/ Amanda B. Nickerson ... [et al.].

Gender and recovery from coronary artery bypass surgery [electronic
: a psychological perspective / Friederike Kendel.

The motivational impact of nicotine and its role in tobacco use [electronic resource] / edited by Rick A. Bevins and Anthony R. Caggiula.

Transforming societies after political violence [electronic resource] : truth, reconciliation, and mental health / Brandon Hamber.

Evaluating mental health disability in the workplace [electronic resource] : model, process, and analysis / by Liza H. Gold, Daniel W. Shuman.

Psychodynamic perspectives on aging and illness [electronic resource] / by Tamara McClintock Greenberg.

New Electronic Titles in Biology

Left-right asymmetry in vertebrate development [electronic resource] / M.L. L*opez-Gracia and M.A. Ros.

Genetic engineering [electronic resource] : principles and methods. Vol. 28 / edited by Jane K. Setlow.

Disease in wild animals [electronic resource] : investigation and management / Gary A. Wobeser.

Rhythms in plants [electronic resource] : phenomenology, mechanisms, and adaptive significance / S. Mancuso, S. Shabala, (eds.).

Introduction to biosemiotics [electronic resource] : the new biological synthesis / edited by Marcello Barbieri.

Plant systems biology [electronic resource] / edited by Sacha Baginsky and Alisdair R. Fernie.

Steding's and Vir*agh's scanning electron microscopy atlas of the developing human heart [electronic resource] / Roelof-Jan Oostra ... [et al.].

Fruits and nuts [electronic resource] / Chittaranjan Kole (ed.).

Insecticides design using advanced technologies [electronic resource] / Isaac Ishaaya, Ralf Nauen, A. Rami Horowitz, (eds.).

New Electronic Titles in Psychology

Handbook of clinical child neuropsychology [electronic resource] / edited by Cecil R. Reynolds and Elaine Fletcher-Janzen.

Psychology, religion, and spirituality [electronic resource] / by James M. Nelson.

Generalized anxiety disorder across the lifespan [electronic resource] : an integrative approach / by Michael E. Portman.

Problem gambling in Europe [electronic resource] : extent and preventive efforts / edited by Gerhard Meyer, Tobias Hayer, Mark Griffiths.

Adolescent reputations and risk [electronic resource] : developmental trajectories to delinquency / Annemaree Carroll ... [et al.].

Psychology of liberation [electronic resource] : theory and applications / edited by Maritza Montero, Christopher C. Sonn.

Future orientation [electronic resource] : developmental and ecological perspectives / Rachel Seginer.

Guide to psychoanalytic developmental theories [electronic resource] / by Joseph Palombo, Harold K. Bendicsen, Barry J. Koch.

Nonviolence and peace psychology [electronic resource] / by Daniel Mayton.

Emotions as bio-cultural processes [electronic resource] / Birgitt Rottger-Rossler, Hans J. Markowitsch, editors.

Behavioral approaches to chronic disease in adolescence [electronic resource] : a guide to integrative care / editors, William T. O'Donohue, Lauren Woodward Tolle.

Assessing emotional intelligence [electronic resource] : theory, research, and applications / Con Stough, Donald H. Saklofske, James D.A. Parker, editors.

History of Psychology in Autobiography [electronic resource] / edited by Leendert P. Mos.

Child neuropsychology [electronic resource] : assessment and interventions for neurodevelopmental disorders / by Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New titles in Women and Gender Studies

Feminism and War: confronting U.S. imperialism by Chandra Talpade Mohanty

Feminism after Bourdieu by Lisa Adkins

Gender equity in junior and senior secondary education in SubSaharan Africa [electronic resource] by Esi Sutherland-Addy

The straight state: sexuality and citizenship in twentieth-century America by Margot Canaday

The specter of sex: gendered foundations of racial formation in the United States by Sally Kitch

Gay identity, new storytelling and the media by Christopher Pullen

Women in business:
the changing face of leadership by Patricia Hogue Werhane

New titles in Economics and Finance

Manias, panics, and crashes : a history of financial crises by Charles Poor Kindleberger

The new finance :
overreaction, complexity, and their consequences by Robert A. Haugen

Applied value investing : the practical applications of Benjamin Graham's and Warren Buffett's valuation principles to acquisitions, catastrophe pricing, and business execution by Joseph Calandro

The methodology of positive economics : reflections on the Milton Friedman legacy by Uskali Mäki

New Titles in Biology

Cellular signal processing : an introduction to the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction by Friedrich Marks

Methods for general and molecular microbiology by C. A. Reddy

Accessing uncultivated microorganisms : from the environment to organisms and genomes and back by Karsten Zengler

Plant bioinformatics : methods and protocols by David Edwards

Theories of molecular reaction dynamics : the microscopic foundation of chemical kinetics by Niels Engholm Henriksen and Flemming Yssing Hansen

Rising plague: the global threat from deadly bacteria and our dwindling arsenal to fight them by Brad Spellberg

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Electronic Titles in Biology

Ethylene action in plants [electronic resource] / Nafees A. Khan (ed.).

Microbial root endophytes [electronic resource] / Barbara J.E. Schulz, Christine J.C. Boyle, Thomas N. Sieber (eds.).

Galling arthropods and their associates [electronic resource] : ecology and evolution / K. Ozaki ... [et al.] (eds.).

Micromammals and macroparasites [electronic resource] : from evolutionary ecology to management / S. Morand, B.R. Krasnov, R. Poulin (eds.).

Understanding biology using peptides [electronic resource] : proceedings of the Nineteenth American Peptide Symposium / edited by Sylvie E. Blondelle.

Marine, freshwater, and wetlands biodiversity conservation [electronic resource] / edited by David L. Hawksworth and Alan T. Bull.

Owls (Strigiformes) [electronic resource] : annotated and illustrated checklist / Friedhelm Weick.

Nitrogen cycling in the Americas [electronic resource] : natural and anthropogenic influences and controls / ed. by Luiz A. Martinelli & Robert W. Howarth.

New Titles in Native American Studies

Serving their country : American Indian politics and patriotism in the twentieth century / Paul C. Rosier.

Turning adversity to advantage : a history of the Lipan Apaches of Texas
and northern Mexico, 1700-1900 / Nancy McGown Minor.

Maya sacred geography and the creator deities / Karen Bassie-Sweet.

The churches and the Indian schools, 1888-1912 / Francis Paul Prucha.

Hawaiian blood : colonialism and the politics of sovereignty and indigeneity / J. K¯ehaulani Kauanui.

The color of the land : race, nation, and the politics of landownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929 / David A. Chang.

New Titles in Psychology

The SAGE handbook of quantitative methods in psychology / edited by Roger E. Millsap and Alberto Maydeu-Olivares.

What psychology majors could (and should) be doing : an informal guide to research experience and professional skills / Paul J. Silvia, Peter F. Delaney, Stuart Marcovitch.

Undergraduate education in psychology : a blueprint for the future of the discipline / edited by Diane F. Halpern.

How children learn to read : current issues and new directions in the integration of cognition, neurobiology and genetics of reading and dyslexia research and practice / edited by Ken Pugh and Peggy McCardle.

Psychological evaluations & case plans : a handbook for referring professionals / John Kayser.

Freud : a guide for the perplexed / Celine Surprenant.

Battle of the brains [videorecording] / BBC Education & Training ; BBC.