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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New titles in Accounting

A theory of the firm's cost of capital [electronic resource] : how debt affects the firm's risk, value, tax rate, and the government's tax claim / Ramesh K.S. Rao, Eric C. Stevens.

Accounting for managers starting from basics [electronic resource] : an exclusive & comprehensive book covering revised UGC syllabus by C. Ramagopal

Accounting savvy for business owners [electronic resource] : a guide to the bare essentials by Philip B. Goodman

Wiley CPA exam review focus notes. Financial accounting and reporting, 2012 [electronic resource]  by Ray Whittington

New Materials in Physics

Optical interferometry for biology and medicine [electronic resource] / David D. Nolte.

Metal-dielectric interfaces in gigascale electronics [electronic resource] : thermal and electrical                        stability / Ming He, Toh-Ming Lu.

Interplanetary outpost [electronic resource] : the human and technological challenges of exploring the            outer planets / Erik Seedhouse.

Sketching the moon [electronic resource] : an astronomical artist's guide / Richard Handy ... [et

Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics [electronic resource] : thermodynamics / Mario                      Capitelli, Gianpiero Colonna, Antonio D'Angola.

Mapping of parent hamiltonians [electronic resource] : from abelian and non-abelian quantum hall states to exact models of critical spin chains / Martin Greiter.

Monday, January 30, 2012

New titles in African Studies

A predictable tragedy : Robert Mugabe and the collapse of Zimbabwe by Daniel Compagnon

The politics of post-war demobilisation and reintegration in Nigeria [electronic resource] by Olukunle Ojeleye

Literary and sociopolitical writings of the Black diaspora in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries [electronic resource] by Kersuze Simeon-Jones

The African foreign policy of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger [electronic resource] : a documentary analysis by Hanes Walton

White chief, black lords [electronic resource] : Shepstone and the colonial state in Natal, South Africa, 1845-1878 by Thomas V. McClendon

Globalization in Africa : recolonization or renaissance? by Pádraig Risteard Carmody

Fighting poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] : the multiple roles of legumes in integrated soil fertility management / Andre Bationo...[et al.], editors.

Rural resistance in South Africa [electronic resource]: the Mpondo revolts after fifty years by Thembela Kepe

Resilience of an African giant [electronic resource] : boosting growth and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Han Herderschee

New titles in Military Science

Military medical ethics [electronic resource] : issues regarding dual loyalties : workshop summary / Neil E. Weisfeld, Victoria D. Weisfeld, and Catharyn T. Liverman, rapporteurs ; Board on Health Sciences Policy,
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

United States and Allied submarine successes in the Pacific and Far East during World War II [electronic resource] / John D. Alden and Craig R.McDonald ; foreword by Erich Muhlthaler

Human-robot interactions in future military operations [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Barnes and Florian Jentsch.

The "good soldier" on trial  [electronic resource]: a sociological study of misconduct by the US military pertaining to Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq by Stjepan G. Mestrovic

Duck and cover [electronic resource] : civil defense images in film and television from the Cold War to 9/11 by Melvin E. Matthews

Military integration after civil wars [electronic resource] : multiethnic armies, identity, and post-conflict reconstruction  by Florence Gaub

Racial beachhead [electronic resource] : diversity and democracy in a military town : Seaside, California by Carol Lynn McKibben

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Titles in Psychology

The psychology of teen violence and victimization [electronic resource] /
Michele A. Paludi, editor ; foreword by Lisa Krenkel.

Masculinities and other hopeless causes at an all-boys Catholic school / Kevin J. Burke.

Tales for coaching [electronic resource] : using stories and metaphors
with individuals and small groups / Margaret Parkin.

Culture or chaos in the village [electronic resource] : the journey to
cultural fluency / edited by Ursula Thomas.

Why everyone (else) is a hypocrite [electronic resource] : evolution and
the modular mind / Robert Kurzban.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Titles in Fine and Performing Arts

World cinemas, transnational perspectives by Natasa Durovicová

Cultivating the arts in education and therapy by Malcom Ross

From IBM to MGM : cinema at the dawn of the digital age by Andrew Utterson

Towards a twenty-first-century feminist politics of music by Sally Macarthur

The Greek body by Ian Jenkins

Barrelhouse blues [electronic resource] : location recording and the early traditions of the blues / Paul Oliver

Stephen J. Cannell television productions [electronic resource] : a history of all series and pilots / Jon Abbott

Christian music : a global history by Tim Dowley

The castrato and his wife by Helen Berry

New titles in Mathematics

Matrix theory [electronic resource] : basic results and techniques  by Fuzhen Zhang

Bayesian theory and methods with applications [electronic resource] by V.P. Savchuk

Data modeling [electronic resource]: a beginner's guide by Andrew J. Oppel

Schaum's outlines calculus [electronic resource]  by Frank Ayres

Mathematica [electronic resource]  by Eugene Don
Discrete mathematics demystified [electronic resource] by Steven G. Krantz

New titles in Computer Science

Mac programming for absolute beginners [electronic resource] / Wallace Wang

Pro Android web apps [electronic resource] : develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript / Damon Oehlman and Sebastien Blanc

Professional ASP.NET MVC 3 [electronic resource] by Jon Galloway

Beginning Visual Studio LightSwitch development [electronic resource] by Istvan Novak

NetBeans platform 6.9 developer's guide [electronic resource] : create professional desktop rich-client Swing applications using the world's only modular Swing application framework by Jürgen Petri

Nginx HTTP server [electronic resource] : adopt Nginx for your web applications to make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than ever by Clément Nedelcu

Python multimedia beginner's guide [electronic resource] : learn how to develop multimedia applications using Python with this practical step-by-step guide by Ninad Sathaye
Agile web application development with Yii1.1 and PHP5 [electronic resource] : fast-track your web application development by harnessing the power of the Yii PHP framework by Jeffrey Winesett

MySQL 5.1 plugin development [electronic resource] : extend MySQL to suit your needs with this unique guide into the world of MySQL plugins by Sergei Golubchik

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Titles in Women & Gender Studies

Handbook of international feminisms [electronic resource] : perspectives
on psychology, women, culture, and rights / Alexandra Rutherford...[et
al.], editors.

Duels and duets [electronic resource] : why men and women talk so
differently / John L. Locke.

Holy misogyny [electronic resource] : why the sex and gender conflicts in
the early church still matter / April D. DeConick.

Sex in Japan's globalization, 1870-1930 [electronic resource] :
prostitutes, emigration and nation building / by Bill Mihalopoulos.

Technology and the gendering of music education [electronic resource] / Victoria Armstrong.

Dirty whites and dark secrets [electronic resource] : sex and race in Peyton Place / Sally Hirsh-Dickinson.

Civilized violence [electronic resource] : subjectivity, gender and popular cinema / by David Hansen-Miller.

Masculinity, sexuality, and illegal migration [electronic resource] : human smuggling from Pakistan to Europe / Ali Nobil Ahmad.

Women in Indian borderlands [electronic resource] / edited by Paula Banerjee, Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury.

The nuptial deal [electronic resource] : same-sex marriage and neo-liberal governance / Jaye Cee Whitehead.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New titles in Native American Studies

The power of the sacred name [electronic resource] : Indian spirituality inspired by mantras by V. Raghavan

Kiviuq [electronic resource] : an Inuit hero and his Siberian cousins by Kira Van Deusen

Living in two worlds [electronic resource] : the American Indian experience illustrated  by Charles Alexander   Eastman

Up from these hills : memories of a Cherokee boyhood by Leonard Carson Lambert

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Materials in Theology

In search of the whole : twelve essays on faith and academic life / John
C. Haughey, editor.

God's fields [electronic resource] : landscape, religion, and race in Moravian Wachovia / Leland Ferguson.

Speaking the truth in love [electronic resource] : theological and
spiritual exhortations of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew / Ecumenical
Patriarch Bartholomew ; edited and with an introduction by John

Jan Hus [electronic resource] : religious reform and social revolution in
Bohemia / Thomas A. Fudge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New titles in Political Science

Politics in Venezuela : explaining Hugo Chávez by Michael Derham

Redistricting : The most political activity in America by Charles S. Bullock

Changing Venezuela by taking power : the history and policies of the Chavez government by Gregory Wilpert

The politics of acknowledgement : truth commissions in Uganda and Haiti by Joanna R. Quinn

Post-imperial democracies : ideology and party formation in Third Republic France, Weimar Germany, and post-Soviet Russia by Stephen E. Hanson

The Upper House : a journey behind the closed doors of the U.S. Senate by Terence Samuel

Democracy, agency, and the state : theory with comparative intent by Guillermo A. O'Donnell

Give us liberty : a Tea Party manifesto by Richard K. Armey

The crisis of Russian democracy : the dual state, factionalism, and the Medvedev succession by Richard Sakwa

Monday, January 16, 2012

New titles in History

Imperial boundaries : Cossack communities and empire-building in the age of Peter the Great by Brian J. Boeck
Heterotopias : nationalism and the possibility of history in South Asia by Manu Belur Bhagavan

Modern Japan : a history in documents by James L. Huffman

The politics of protest in hybrid regimes : managing dissent in post-communist Russia by Graeme B. Robertson

Soviet women in combat : a history of violence on the Eastern Front by Anna

Empires and barbarians : the fall of Rome and the birth of Europe by P.J. Heather

Constructing Pakistan : foundational texts and the rise of Muslim national identity, 1857-1947 by Masood A. Raja

The wonder of their voices : the 1946 Holocaust interviews of David Boder by Alan Rosen

The Silk Road in world history by Xinru Liu

The Basque country : a cultural history by Paddy Woodworth

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Materials in Exercise Science

The anthropology of sport and human movement [electronic resource] : a
biocultural perspective / edited by Robert R. Sands, Linda R. Sands.

Circling the bases [electronic resource] : essays on the challenges and
prospects of the sports industry / Andrew Zimbalist.

Game start! [electronic resource] : Strumenti per comprendere i videogiochi / Francesco Alinovi.

A nation's hope : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis / Matt de la Pe*na ; illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Titles in Classics

Leonidas and the kings of Sparta [electronic resource] : mightiest warriors, fairest kingdom.

New perspectives in global public archaeology [electronic resource] / Katsuyuki Okamura, Akira Matsuda, editors.

Archaeological practice in Great Britain [electronic resource] : a heritage handbook / John Schofield, John Carman, Paul Belford.

Classical Arabic stories [electronic resource] : an anthology / edited by
Salma Khadra Jayyusi.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Institutions of the Asia-Pacific [electronic resource]: ASEAN, APEC and beyond by Mark Beeson

Institutions of the gloal south [electronic resource] by Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner

International judicial institutions [electronic resource]: the architecture of international justice at home and abroad by Richard J. Goldstone and Adam M. Smith

Shaping the humanitarian world [electronic resource] by Peter Walker and Daniel G. Maxwell

Rational theory of international politics : the logic of competition and cooperation by Charles L. Glaser
America's global advantage : US hegemony and international cooperation by Carla Norrlof

Globalizing justice : the ethics of poverty and power by Richard W. Miller

Mobilizing the will to intervene : leadership to prevent mass atrocities by Frank Robert Chalk

Building states and markets after communism : the perils of polarized democracy by Timothy Frye

New titles in Economics and Finance

The Canada-Caribbean remittance corridor : fostering formal remittances to Haiti and Jamaica through effective regulation

Oil is not a curse : ownership structure and institutions in Soviet successor states by Pauline Jones Luong

Manors and markets : economy and society in the low countries, 500-1600 by B. J. P. van Bavel

Breaking through : the birth of China's opening-up policy by Lanqing Li

The post-Soviet Potemkin village : politics and property rights in the black earth by Jessica Allina-Pisano

Agrarian reform in Russia : the road from serfdom by Carol Scott Leonard

Making ecopreneurs [electronic resource] : developing sustainable entrepreneurship / edited by Michael Schaper

Econoclasts : the rebels who sparked the supply-side revolution and restored American prosperity by Brian  Domitrovic

Interrogating alterity [electronic resource] : alternative economic and political spaces / by Duncan Fuller, Andrew E. G. Jonas, and Roger Lee

The concise encyclopedia of the great recession, 2007-2010 [electronic resource] : by Jerry M. Rosenberg