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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New titles in History

Explaining foreign policy : U.S. decision-making in the Gulf wars  by Steven A.Yetiv
The great empires of Asia by Jim Masselos

Growing up Hispanic : health and development of children of immigrants by Nancy Landale
Sparta and Laconia : from prehistory to pre-modern : proceedings of the conference held in Sparta, organised by the British School at Athens, the University of Nottingham, the 5th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and the 5th Ephoreia of Byzantine Antiquities, 17-20 March 2005 by William G. Cavanagh

Treasures from the royal tombs of Ur

Henry Aaron's dream by Matt Tavares

Henry Knox : bookseller, soldier, patriot  by Anita Silvey

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Classics on screen : ancient Greece and Rome on film  by Alastair Blanshard 

Erratic : visual impact in current design by Robert Klanten 

The modern Jewish experience in world cinema by Lawrence Baron

Abstract expressionism by Katy Siegel

Good Living Street : Portrait of a Patron Family, Vienna 1900  by Tim Bonyhady

Mangatopia : essays on manga and anime in the modern world by Timothy Perper

Bento's sketchbook by John Berger

Monday, February 27, 2012

New titles in Computer Science

The computer graphics manual [electronic resource] by D. Saloman

Computational logic in multi-agent systems [electronic resource] : 12th International Workshop, CLIMA XII, Barcelona, Spain, July 17-18, 2011, proceedings CLIMA (Conference) (12th : 2011 : Barcelona, Spain)

Mathematical aspects of network routing optimization [electronic resource]  by Carlos A.S. Oliveira

Connected services [electronic resource] : a guide to the Internet technologies shaping the future of mobile services and operators by Paul Golding

Html5 [electronic resource] by Jeremy  Osborn

Aspect-oriented, model-driven software product lines [electronic resource] : the ample way by Awais Rashid

Beginning ASP.NET web pages with WebMatrix [electronic resource] by Mike Brind

Going mobile [electronic resource] : developing apps for your library using basic HTML programming by Scott La Conte

Beginning Flash, Flex, and AIR development for mobile devices [electronic resource] by Jermaine G. Anderson

New titles in Mathematics

Knowledge-based and intelligent information and engineering systems [electronic resource] : 15th International Conference, KES 2011, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 12-14, 2011, proceedings. Part I   International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems (15th : 2011 : Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Knowlege-based and intelligent information and engineering systems [electronic resource] : 15th International Conference, KES 2011, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 12-14, 2011, proceedings. Part II     International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems (15th : 2011 : Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Guide to ILDJIT [electronic resource] by Simone Campanoni

Evolutionary game design [electronic resource] by Cameron  Browne

Nine algorithms that changed the future [electronic resource] : the ingenious ideas that drive today's computers  / John MacCormick

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New titles in Military Science

Multilateral security and ESDP operations [electronic resource] edited by Fulvio Attina and Daniela Irrera

The development of British defence policy [electronic resource]: Blair, Brown and beyond by David Brown

The enemy in our hands [electronic resource]: America's treatment of enemy prisoners of war, from the Revolution to the War on Terror by Robert C. Doyle

Arming without aiming [electronic resource]: India's military modernization by Stephen P. Cohen and Sunil Dasgupta

Worst-kept secret [electronic resource]: Israel's bargain with the bomb by Avner Cohen

Between threats and war [electronic resource]: U.S. discrete military operations in the post-Cold War world by Micah Zenko

Permanent alliance? [electronic resource]: NATO and the transatlantic bargain from Truman to Obama by Stanley R. Sloan

Victory has a thousand fathers [electronic resource]:  detailed counterinsurgency case studies by Christopher Paul, Colin P. Clark and Beth Grill

Best care anywhere  [electronic resource]:  why VA health care is better than yours by Phillip Longman

Promoting psychological resilence in the U.S. military  [electronic resource]:  by Lisa S. Meredith... [et. al]

Monday, February 20, 2012

New titles in International Relations

NGOs and social responsibility [electronic resource] edited by Guler Aras and David Crowther

National approaches to the adminstration of international migration [electronic resource] edited by Peri E. Arnold

Measuring the effectiveness of border sercurity between ports-of-entry  [electronic resource] by Henry H. Willis

Power shifts and global governance [electronic resource] : challenges from south and north edited by Ashwani Kumar and Dirk Messner

Mapping value orientations in Central and Eastern Europe [electronic resource] edited by Loek Halman and Malina Voicu

World government [electronic resource] : utopian dream or current reality? by Raymond Converse

New dynamics between China and Japan in Asia [electronic resource] : how to build the future from the past? editor Guy Faure

Singapore Perspectives 2010 [electronic resource] : home.heart.horizon edited by Tan Tarn How

Peace regime building on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian security cooperation [electronic resource] by Tae-Hwan Kwak

Conflict hot spots [electronic resource] : emergence, causes, and consequences by Alex Braithwaite

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New titles in Mathematics

Barycentric calculus in Euclidian and hyperbolic geometry [electronic resource]: a comparative introduction

Incomplete block designs [electronic resource] by Aloke Dey

Progress in variational methods [electronic resource] : proceedings of the International Conference on Variational Methods, Tianjin, China, 18-22 May 2009 by the International Conference on Variational  Methods

Proceedings, "WASCOM 2009" [electronic resource] : 15th Conference on Waves and Stability in Continuous Media, Palermo, Italy, 28 June - 1 July 2009

Homogenization methods for multiscale mechanics [electronic resource] by Chiang C. Mei

From physics to control through an emergent view [electronic resource] by L. Fortuna

2-D quadratic maps and 3-D ODE systems [electronic resource] : a rigorous approach by Elhadj Zeraoulia

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

In the blink of an ear [electronic resource] : towards a non-cochlear sonic art by Seth Kim-Cohen

Listening to noise and silence [electronic resource] : towards a philosophy of sound art by Salome Voegelin

Pevsner [electronic resource] : the early life: Germany and art by Stephen Games

The Wire [electronic resource] : urban decay and American television edited by Tiffany Potter and C.W. Marshall

Musical theatre [electronic resource] : a history by John Kenrick

Teaching creativity [electronic resource] : multi-mode transitional practices by Derek Pigrum

Theatreland [electronic resource] : a journey through the heart of London's theatre by Paul Ibell

Song of the North country [electronic resource]: a Midwest framework to the songs of Bob Dylan by David Pichaske

Song and circumstance [electronic resource]: the work of David Byrne from Talking Heads to the present by Sytze Steenstra

Seeing things : from Shakespeare to Pixar by Alan L. Ackerman

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New titles in Environmental Science

Alternative sewer systems [electronic resource] by James F. Kreissl

Principles of tidal sedimentology [electronic resource]  by Richard A. Davis

Intraseasonal variability in the atmosphere-ocean climate system [electronic resource]  by William K.M. Lau

Natural processes and human impacts [electronic resource] : interactions between humanity and the environment by Sergey M. Govorushko.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Pretty : film and the decorative image  by Rosalind Galt

The silvering screen : old age and disability in cinema  by Sally Chivers

From Pinewood to Hollywood [electronic resource] : British filmmakers in American cinema, 1910-1969  by Ian Scott

Fast track photographer : leveraging your unique strengths for a more successful photography business  by Dane Sanders

Looking at Greek art by Mark Stansbury-O'Donnell

The art of the body : antiquity and its legacy by Michael Squire

Syro-Hittite Monumental Art and the Archaeology of Performance : The Stone Reliefs at Carchemish and Zincirli in the Earlier First Millennium BCE  by Alessandra Gilibert

The photographer's vision : understanding and appreciating great photography  by Michael Freeman

Chinese architecture by Yanxin Cai

Pop song piracy : disobedient music distribution since 1929 by Barry Dean Kernfeld

Monday, February 6, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Peace without consensus [electronic resource] : power sharing politics in Northern Ireland by Mary Alice C. Clancy

Diaspora and transnationalism [electronic resource] : concepts, theories and methods by Rainer Bauböck

Breaks in the chain [electronic resource]: what immigrant workers can teach America about democracy by Paul Apostolidis

A skeptic's case for nuclear disarmament [electronic resource] by Michael E. O'Hanlon

Globalizing citizens [electronic resource]: new dynamics of inclusion and exclusion edited by John Gaventa and Rajesh Tandon

The making of Northeast Asia [electronic resource] by Kent Calder and Min Ye

Strengthening peace in post civil war states [electronic resource]: transforming spoilers into stakeholders edited by Matthew Hoddie and Caroline A. Hartzell

World rule [electronic resource]: accountability, legitimacy, and the design of global governance by Jonathan G.S. Koppell

From warism to pacifism [electronic resource]: a moral continuum by Duane L. Cady

New titles in History

India in the shadows of empire : a legal and political history, 1774-1950 by Mithi Mukherjee
 State building in Putin's Russia : policing and coercion after communism by Brian D. Taylor
Cultures of power in post-Communist Russia : an analysis of elite political discourse by Michael E. Urban

Rethinking history, dictatorship and war [electronic resource] : new approaches and interpretations / edited by Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann

Faces of America [electronic resource] : how 12 extraordinary people discovered their pasts / Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

 A gambler's instinct [electronic resource] : the story of Broadway producer Cheryl Crawford / Milly S. Barranger.

 The Mississippi Territory and the Southwest frontier, 1795-1817 [electronic resource] / Robert V. Haynes.

Lincoln on trial [electronic resource] : southern civilians and the law of war / Burrus M. Carnahan.

Reconstructing Appalachia [electronic resource] : the Civil War's aftermath / edited by Andrew L. Slap ; introduction by Gordon B. McKinney.

Why I love Australia by Bronwyn Bancroft

New Materials in Theology

Theological education underground, 1937-1940 / Dietrich Bonhoeffer ; translated from the German            edition edited by Dirk Schulz ; English edition edited by Victoria J. Barnett ; translated by Victoria J.
 Barnett ... [et al.] ; supplementary material translated by Douglas W. Stott.

Seventeenth-century Lutheran meditations and hymns / edited and with an introduction by Eric Lund.

Saving God [electronic resource] : religion after idolatry / Mark Johnston.

The theology of Pope Benedict XVI [electronic resource] : the Christocentric shift / Emery de Ga*al.

New Materials in Physics

An invitation to quantum field theory [electronic resource] / Luis *Alvarez-Gaum*e, Miguel *A.            V*azquez-Mozo.

3,000 deep-sky objects [electronic resource] : an annotated catalogue / Ted Aranda.

The astronomer Jules Janssen [electronic resource] : a globetrotter of celestial physics / Fran*coise Launay; translated by Storm Dunlop.

The quality of measurements [electronic resource] : a metrological reference / A.E. Fridman ; translated by   Andrew Sabak and Paul Makinen.

The physics of music and color [electronic resource] /Leon Gunther.

The physics of invisibility [electronic resource] : a story of light and deception / Martin Beech.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Materials in Sociology & Anthropology

Principles of brownfield regeneration [electronic resource] : cleanup,
design, and reuse of derelict land / Justin B. Hollander, Niall G.
Kirkwood, and Julia L. Gold.

Political violence in South and Southeast Asia [electronic resource] :
critical perspectives / edited by Itty Abraham, Edward Newman and Meredith L. Weiss.

The rhetoric of black mayors [electronic resource] : in their own words /
Deborah F. Atwater.

Fieldwork is not what it used to be [electronic resource] : learning
anthropology's method in a time of transition / edited by James D. Faubion
and George E. Marcus ; foreword by Michael M.J. Fischer.

Introducing critical theory [electronic resource] / Stuart Sim & Borin Van Loon.

Social problems and inequality [electronic resource] : social responsibility through progressive sociology / by John C. Alessio.

Quantum anthropologies [electronic resource] : life at large / Vicki Kirby.

Designing culture [electronic resource] : the technological imagination at work / Anne Balsamo.

Multiple moralities and religions in post-Soviet Russia / edited Jarrett Zigon.

Making healthy places [electronic resource] : designing and building for health, well-being, and sustainability / edited by Andrew L. Dannenberg, Howard Frumkin, and Richard J. Jackson.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February issue of The Teaching Professor and Online Cl@ssroom

The February issues of the Teaching Professor and the Online Cl@ssroom  are now available.  The campus wide subscriptions are funded by the Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment and the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.