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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New titles in Economics and Finance

Retirement income [electronic resource] : risks and strategies by Mark Warshawsky

Shareholder democracies? [electronic resource]: corporate governance in Britain and Ireland before 1850 by Mark Freeman, Robin Pearson and James Taylor

The craft of economics [electronic resource] : lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin framework by Edward E. Leamer

New structural economics [electronic resource] : a framework for rethinking development by Justin Yifu Lin

Beyond the global capitalist crisis [electronic resource] : the world economy in transition by Berch Berberoglu

The ethnic penalty [electronic resource] : immigration, education, and the labour market by Reza Hasmath

Energy, trade and finance in Asia [electronic resource] : a political and economic analysis by Justin Dargin and Tai Wei Lim

Ascent after decline [electronic resource]: regrowing global economies after the great recession by Otaviano Canuto and Danny Leipziger

Relationship economics [electronic resource] : transform your most valuable business contacts into personal and professional success by David Nour

New titles in Political Science

Global democracy [electronic resource] : normative and empirical perspectives / edited by Daniele Archibugi, Mathias Koenig-Archibugi and Raffaele Marchetti

French presidential elections [electronic resource] by Michael S. Lewis-Beck

Looking for balance [electronic resource]: China, the United States and power balancing in East Asia by Steve Chan

Europe's uncertain path, 1814-1914 [electronic resource]: state formation and civil society by R.S. Alexander

Totalitarianism and political religion [electronic resource]: an intellectual history by A. James Gregor

Democracy despite itself [electronic resource]: why a system that shouldn't work at all works so well by Danny Oppenheimer and Mike Edwards

Afghan endgames [electronic resource]: strategy and policy choices for America's longest war by Hy Rothstein and John Arquilla, editors

Limits to democratic constitutionalism in Central and Eastern Europe by Bogusia Puchalska

Rule and ruin: the downfall of moderation and the destruction of the Republican party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party by Geoffrey Kabaservice

Achieving nuclear ambitions [electronic resource]: scientists, politicians and proliferation by Jacques E. C. Hymans

New Materials in Theology

Strictly kosher reading [electronic resource] : popular literature and the condition of contemporary Orthodoxy / Yoel Finkelman.

Sorrow and distress in the Talmud [electronic
resource] / Shulamit Valler ; translated from Hebrew by Sharon Blass.

The pale God [electronic resource] : Israeli secularism and Spinoza's philosopy of culture / Gideon Katz.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New titles in Military Science

Baseball's war roster [electronic resource] : a biographical dictionary of Major and Negro League players who served, 1861 to the present  by Brett Kiser

Proxy warriors : the rise and fall of state-sponsored militias by Ariel I. Ahram

The Massachusetts Andrew Sharpshooters [electronic resource] : a Civil War history and roster by Alden C. Ellis Jr.
War what is it good for? [electronic resource] : Black freedom struggles and the U.S. military from World War II to Iraq  by Kimerley L. Phillips

Fighting elites [electronic resource] : a history of U.S. Special Forces  by John C. Fredriksen

Illuminating the dark arts of war [electronic resource] : terrorism, sabotage, and subversion in homeland security and the new conflict by David Tucker

Soldiers for sale [electronic resource] : German "mercenaries" with the British in Canada during the American Revolution, 1776-83 by Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy

New titles in Information Systems

Low tech hacking [electronic resource] : street smarts for security professionals by Jack Wiles

LTE self-organising networks (SON) [electronic resource]: network management automation for operational efficiency edited by Henning Sanneck et al

The basic business library [electronic resource] : core resources and services

The library catalogue as social space [electronic resource] : promoting patron driven collections, online communities and enhanced reference and readers' services by Laurel Tarulli

Eleventh hour CISSP [electronic resource] : study guide by Eric Conrad [et al.]

Networked [electronic resource] : the new social operating system by Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman

The live Web [electronic resource] : building event-based connections in the cloud by Phillip J. Windley

New Materials in Modern Languages

Narratives of migration and displacement in Dominican literature / Danny Méndez.

The interlace structure of the third part of the prose Lancelot / Frank Brandsma.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Materials in Biology

Sensing in nature [electronic resource] / edited by Carlos López-Larrea.

Phosphoinositides I [electronic resource] : enzymes of synthesis and degradation / Tamas Balla, Matthias Wymann, John D. York, editors.

Neural metabolism in vivo [electronic resource] / In-Young Choi, Rolf Gruetter, editors.

Caveolins and caveolae [electronic resource] : roles in signaling and disease mechanisms / edited by
Jean-François Jasmin, Philippe G. Frank, Michael P. Lisanti.

RAMPs [electronic resource] / edited by William S.Spielman, Narayanan Parameswaran.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New titles in Mathematics

Statistical and machine-learning data mining [electronic resource] : techniques for better predictive modeling and analysis of big data by Bruce Ratner

Jordan structures in geometry and analysis by Cho-Ho Chu

Mathematical methods of game and economic theory by Jean Pierre Aubin

Introduction to spectral theory : with applications to Schrödinger operators by Peter D. Hislop

Variational analysis and aerospace engineering [electronic resource] : Mathematical challenges for aerospace design ; contributions from a workshop held at the School of Mathematics in Erice, Italy by Giuseppe  Buttazzo

The linear algebra a beginning graduate student ought to know [electronic resource] by Jonathan S. Golan

The Beltrami equation [electronic resource] : a geometric approach by Vladimir Gutlyanskii [et al.]

New titles in Computer Science

Fundamentals of multicore software development [electronic resource] by Victor Pankratius

Beginning iOS application development with HTML and JavaScript [electronic resource]  by Richard Wagner

Beginning iOS 5 application development [electronic resource] by Wei-Meng Lee

Microsoft Windows operating system [electronic resource] : essentials by Tom Carpenter

Parallel programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE [electronic resource] : by Stephen Blair-Chappell and Andrew Stokes

Alan M. Turing [electronic resource] : by Sara Turing with a foreword by Martin Davis and an afterword by John Turing

Beginning DirectX 11 game programming [electronic resource] : by Allan Sherrod and Wendy Jones

New Materials in Biology

Calcium signaling [electronic resource] / Md. Shahidul Islam, [editor].

Maternal fetal transmission of human viruses and their influence on tumorigenesis [electronic resource] /
György Berencsi, editor.

Arthropod-plant interactions [electronic resource] : novel insights and approaches for IPM / Guy Smagghe,
Isabel Diaz, editors.

Cellular physiology and metabolism of clinical exercise [electronic resource] / [edited by] Livio

The human auditory cortex [electronic resource] /David Poeppel...[et al.], editors.

Microarrays in diagnostics and biomarker development [electronic resource] : current and future
applications / Bertrand Jordan, editor.

Friday, June 8, 2012

New titles in History

Slavery Reader by Gad J. Heuman

Polynesians in America : pre-Columbian contacts with the New World by Terry L. Jones

For the soul of France : culture wars in the age of Dreyfus by Frederick Brown 

The decline and fall of the British Empire, 1781-1997 by Piers Brendon

Tree of liberty: cultural legacies of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic world by Doris Lorraine  Garraway

Russia's Wars of Emergence, 1460-1730 by Carol Belkin Stevens

Open wound: the long view of race in America by William McKee Evans

New Materials in Biology

Behavioral neurobiology of aging [electronic resource]/ Marie-Christine Pardon, Mark W. Bondi, editors.

Post-genome biology of primates [electronic resource] / Hirohisa Hirai, Hiroo Imai, Yasuhiro Go, editors.

Systems biology of Parkinson's disease [electronic resource] / Peter Wellstead, Mathieu Cloutier,

Notch signaling in embryology and cancer [electronic resource] / edited by Jörg Reichrath, Sandra

New Materials in Social Work

Social stratification [electronic resource] : trends and processes / by Paul Lambert ... [et al.].

Human medical research [electronic resource] : ethical, legal and socio-cultural aspects / Jan
Schildmann...[et al.], editors.

Ambient assisted living [electronic resource] : 5.AAL-Kongress 2012 Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012 / Reiner Wichert, Birgid Eberhardt, editors.

Crime and transition in Central and Eastern Europe [electronic resource] / Alenka Å elih, AleÇŽ
Završnik, editors.

The role of community-mindedness in the self-regulation of drug cultures [electronic resource]
: a case study from the Shetland Islands / Anke Stallwitz.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Materials in Chemistry

Chemoinformatica [electronic resource] : Soluzioni e strumenti per scienze e tecnologie biomediche / by
Massimo Mabilia...[et al.].

Handbook of marine natural products [electronic resource] / Ernesto Fattorusso, William H. Gerwick,
Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, editors.

Constitutional dynamic chemistry [electronic resource] / volume editor, Mihail Barboiu ; with contributions
by T. Aastrup ... [et al.].

Molecular imprinting [electronic resource] / volume editor: Karsten Haupt ; with contributions by C.
Ayela...[et al].

Mass spectrometry of polymers-- New techniques [electronic resource] / volume editor: Minna
Hakkarainen ; with contributions by N.Aminlashgari...[et al.].

Novel sampling approaches in higher dimensional NMR [electronic resource] / volume editors: Martin
Billeter, Vladislav Orekhov ; with contributions by H. Arthanari...[et al.].

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New titles in Marketing and Management

The B2B social media book [electronic resource] : become a marketing superstar by generating leads with blogging, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, email, and more by Kipp Bodnar

High performance companies [electronic resource] : successful strategies from the world's top achievers by Nitin Pangarkar

Leading at the edge : leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of Shackleton's Antarctic expedition by Dennis N. T.  Perkins

Enterprise project governance : a guide to the successful management of projects across the organization by Paul C. Dinsmore

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Animated realism [electronic resource] a behind the scenes look at the animated documentary genre by Judit Kriger?

The makeup artist handbook [electronic resource] : techniques for film, television, photography, and theatre by Gretchen Davis

Musical theatre, realism and entertainment [electronic resource] by Millie Taylor

The practical zone system for film and digital photography [electronic resource] : classic tool, universal applications  by Chris Johnson

 Gervase Wheeler [electronic resource] : a British architect in America, 1847-1860  by Renée E. Tribert

The American musical and the performance of personal identity [electronic resource] / Raymond Knapp.

Reds, whites, and blues [electronic resource] : social movements, folk music, and race in the United States / William G. Roy.

Hearing and knowing music [electronic resource] : the unpublished essays of Edward T. Cone / edited and with an introduction by Robert P. Morgan.

Diego Rivera : his world and ours by Duncan Tonatiuh