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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New titles in Mathematics

Stochastic analysis in production process and ecology under uncertainty [electronic resource] by Boguslaw Bieda

Rhetorical ways of thinking [electronic resource]: Vygotskian theory and mathematical learning by Lillie R. Albert with Danielle Corea and Vittoria Macadino

Proof and proving in mathematics education [electronic resource]: the 19th ICMI study by Gila Hanna and Michael de Villiers, editors

Stochastic systems [electronic resource] : uncertainty quantification and propagation by Mircea Grigoriu

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Vermeer's women : secrets and silence  by Marjorie E. Wieseman

Graphic design : a new history by Stephen Eskilson

The comics : an illustrated history of comic strip art 1895-2010 by Jerry Robinson

In wonderland : the surrealist adventures of women artists in Mexico and the United States by Ilene Susan Fort

Make your movie [electronic resource]: what you need to know about the business and politics of filmmaking by Barbara Freedman Doyle

3D Displays [electronic resource]: by Ernst Lueder

The fool in European theatre [electronic resource]: stages of folly by Tim Prentki

Machinima: the art and practice of virtual filmmaking by Phylis Johnson and Donald Pettitl; foreword by Persia Bravin [electronic resource]

An actress prepares [electronic resource]: women and "the method" by Rosemary Malague

Fifty key texts in art history [electronic resource] edited by Diana Newall and Grant Pooke

New titles in Environmental Science

Ecological ethics : an introduction by Patrick Curry

Waking the giant [electronic resource]: how a changing climate triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes by Bill McGuire

Environmental decision-making in context [electronic resource]: a toolbox by Chad J. McGuire

Climate change and rural child health [electronic resource]: edited by Erica Bell and others

Climate change, disaster risk, and the urban poor [electronic resource]: cities building resilence for a changing world edited by Judy L. Baker

New Materials in Biology

Extreme measures [electronic resource] : the ecological energetics of birds and mammals / Brian K. McNab.

Kant's Observations and Remarks [electronic resource] : a critical guide / edited by Susan Meld Shell and Richard Velkley.

Coarse-grained modelling of DNA and DNA self-assembly [electronic resource] / Thomas E. Ouldridge.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New titles in Education

Improving Formative Assessment practice to empower student learning by Caroline E. Wylie

A guide to academia [electronic resource]: getting into and surviving grad school, postdocs and a research job by Prosanta Chakrabarty, PhD

Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation [electronic resource]: the new empathy and social justice by Nadine Dolby

Reading for understanding : how reading apprenticeship improves disciplinary learning in secondary and college classrooms by Ruth Schoenbach

The learner-centered curriculum [electronic resource]: design and implementation by Roxanne Cullen et al, editors.

The teacher's guide to restorative classroom discipline by Luanna H. Meyer

How to teach collaborative strategic reading [electronic resource]: classroom-ready materials to create better readers in mixed-ability classrooms by Janette K. Klingner

The achievable dream : College Board lessons on creating great schools by Gaston Caperton

New Materials in Modern Languages

Poiesis and modernity in the old and new worlds [electronic resource] / Anthony J. Cascardi and Leah Middlebrook, editors.

The Danish language in the digital age [electronic resource] = Det Danske sprog i den digitale tidsalder / Bolette S. Pedersen...[et al.] ; Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit (editors).

The Bulgarian language in the digital age [electronic resource] / Diana Blagoeva, Svetla Koeva, Vladko Murdarov ; Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit (editors).

The Norwegian language in the digital age [electronic resource] = Norsk i den digitale tidsalderen /Koenraad De Smedt...[et al.] ; edited by Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit.

The Slovene language in the digital age [electronic resource] = Slovenski jezik v digialni dobi / Simon Krek ; Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit (editors).

The Swedish Language in the digital age [electronic resource] = Svenska språket i den digitala tidsåldern / Lars Borin...[et al.] ; Georg Rehm, Hans Uszkoreit (editors).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New titles in Computer Science

Computer-assisted language learning [electronic resource]:diversity in research and practice

Crystal Reports 2011 for developers [electronic resource] by Cynthia Moore

Software in 30 days [electronic resource]: how Agile managers beat the odds, delight their customers and leave competitors in the dust by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland

Pro Tools 10 for game audio [electronic resource]: by Greg DeBeer

Digital design [electronic resource] : an embedded systems approach using Verilog by Peter J. Ashenden

Voice over WLANS [electronic resource]: the complete guide by Michael F. Finneran

New Materials in Philosophy

Doubt and skepticism in antiquity and the Renaissance [electronic resource] / Michelle Zerba.

Badiou and philosophy. [electronic resource]

Spinoza beyond philosophy. [electronic resource]

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New titles in Military Science

Our army : soldiers, politics, and American civil-military relations by Jason K. Dempsey

Red Cloud at Dawn : Truman, Stalin, and the end of the atomic monopoly by Michael D. Gordin

War and sex : a brief history of men's urge for battle by John Van Houten Dippel

Civil-military relations in perspective [electronic resource]: strategy, structure and policy edited by Stephen J. Cimbala

New titles in Marketing and Management

MisLeading indicators [electronic resource]: how to reliably measure your business by Philip Green and George Gabor

Social media marketing [electronic resource]: an hour a day by Dave Evans

RFID for the supply chain and operations professional [electronic resource]: by Pamela Zelbst and Victor Sower

UnMarketing [electronic resource]: stop marketing. Start engaging by Scott Stratten

Professional web video [electronic resource]: plan, produce, distribute, promote and monetize quality video by Richard Harrington and Mark Weiser with Rhed Pixel

Building a marketing plan [electronic resource]: a complete guide by Ho Yin Wong

Facebook marketing [electronic resource]: an hour a day by Chris Treadway and Mari Smith

Customer in the boardroom [electronic resource]: crafting customer-based business strategy by Rama Bijapurkar

The management training tool kit: 35 exercises to prepare managers for the challenges they face every day by Alan Clardy

The RDS Forex system [electronic resource]: a breakthrough method to profiting from market turning points by Michael Radkay and Stephanie Radkay

Monday, August 20, 2012

New titles in International Relations

Rethinking the post soviet experience [electronic resource]: markets, moral economies, and cultural contradictions of post-socialist Russia by Jeffrey Hass

Cyberspaces and global affairs [electronic resource] edited by Sean S. Costigan

Over the horizon proliferation threats [electronic resource] by James J. Wirtz

The international human rights movement [electronic resource]: a history by Aryeh Neier

Adaptable autocrats [electronic resource]: regime power in Egypt and Syria by Joshua Stacher

Europe's troubled peace [electronic resource]: 1945 to the present by Tom Buchanan

Morality and global justice [electronic resource] : justifications and applications by Michael Boylan

Sanctions, statecraft and nuclear proliferation [electronic resource] edited by Etel Solingen

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Materials in Philosophy

Unmodern philosophy and modern philosophy [electronic resource] / John Dewey ; edited and with an introduction by Phillip Deen ; with a foreword by Larry A. Hickman.

The soul of Nietzsche's Beyond good and evil [electronic resource] / Maudemarie Clark, David

Kant's Religion within the boundaries of mere reason [electronic resource] : a commentary / James J. DiCenso.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

The Hollywood film musical [electronic resource]: by Barry Keith Grant

The television entrepreneurs [electronic resource]: social change and public understanding of business by Raymond Boyle and Lisa W. Kelly

From madrigal to opera [electronic resource]: Monteverdi's staging of the self by Mauro Calcagno

RKO Radio Pictures [electronic resource]: a titan is born by Richard B. Jewell

Groove music [electronic resource]: the art and culture of the hip-hop DJ by Mark Katz

The thrill makers  [electronic resource]: celebrity, masculinity, and stunt performance by Jacob Smith

Opera  [electronic resource] by Robert Cannon

Africa speaks, America answers:modern  jazz in revolutionary times by Robin D.G. Kelley
 Performing Greek comedy  [electronic resource] by Alan Hughes

Early Italian Painting [electronic resource] by Joseph Archer Crowe and Giovanni Battista Cavalcaselle and Anna Jameson

New Materials in Biology

Protein chaperones and protection from neurodegenerative diseases [electronic resource] /edited by Stephan Witt.

Rapid detection, characterization, and enumeration of foodborne pathogens [electronic resource] / edited by J. Hoorfar.



Monday, August 13, 2012

New titles in Economics and Finance

The new dynamic public finance [electronic resource] / Narayana R. Kocherlakota.

The end of cheap China [electronic resource]: economic and cultural trends that will disrupt the world by Shaun Rein

Reservation capitalism [electronic resource]: economic development in Indian country by Robert J. Miller

The essential CFO [electronic resource]: a corporate finance playbook by Bruce Nolop

Quantitative risk management [electronic resource]: a practical guide to financial risk by Thomas S. Coleman

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New titles in African Studies

Community of insecurity [electronic resource]:SADC's struggle for peace and security in South Africa by Laurie Nathan

Light manufacturing in Africa [electronic resource]: targeted policies to enhance private investment and create jobs by Hinh T. Dinh et al

We cannot forget: interviews with survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda edited by Samuel Totten and Rafiki Ubaldo

Land, governance, conflict & the Nuba of Sudan by Guma Kunda Komey

Slave emancipation and racial attitudes in nineteenth-century South Africa [electronic resource] by R.L. Watson

Education reform in Mozambique [electronic resource]: lessons and challenges by Louis Fox et al

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New titles in History

Embodying American slavery in contemporary culture by Lisa Woolfork

Dark Victorians by Vanessa D. Dickerson

The bitter road to freedom : a new history of the liberation of Europe by William I. Hitchcock

Living through the dead : burial and commemoration in the classical world by Maureen Carroll

Dead last : the public memory of Warren G. Harding's scandalous legacy by Phillip G. Payne

How they croaked : the awful ends of the awfully famous by Georgia  Bragg

The war of 1812 [electronic resource]: conflict for a continent by J.C. A. Stagg

Civil war battlefield orders gone awry [electronic resource]: the written word and its consequences in 13 engagements by Donald R. Jermann

Placenames of the Civil War [electronic resource]: cities, towns, villages, railroad stations, forts, camps, islands, rivers, creeks, fords and ferries by John D. Bennett

Ruin nation [electronic resource]: destruction and the American Civil War by Megan  Kate Nelson