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Monday, October 29, 2012

New Titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Anglo-Saxon art : a new history by Leslie Webster
100 ideas that changed film by David Parkinson

Directing by Mike Goodridge

Mirrors : stories of almost everyone  by Eduardo H. Galeano

 The ruined bridge : studies in Barberini patronage of music and spectacle,
    1631-1679 by Frederick Hammond

Mourning films [electronic resource] : a critical study of loss and grieving in cinema by Richard Armstrong

Creole trombone [electronic resource] : Kid Ory and the early years of jazz by John  McCusker

Rick Nelson, rock 'n' roll pioneer [electronic resource] by Sheree Homer

Australian horror films, 1973-2010 [electronic resource] by Peter Shelley

The leading man [electronic resource] : Hollywood and the presidential image by Burton W. Peretti

New titles in History

Reading and writing in Babylon by Dominique Charpin

Street level : drawings and creative writing inspired by the cultural and architectural heritage of Dar es Salaam by Sarah Markes

The American presidents, Washington to Tyler [electronic resource]: what they did, what they said, what was said about them, with full source notes by Robert A. Nowlan

Migration in Britain [electronic resource]: paradoxes of the present, prospects for the future by Tony Fielding

A city consumed [electronic resource]: urban commerce, the Cairo fire, and the politics of the decolonization in Egypt by Nancy Y. Reynolds

Redcoats on the Cape Fear [electronic resource]: the Revolutionary War in southeastern North Carolina by Robert M. Dunkerly

Essaying the past [electronic resource]: how to read, write and think about history by Jim Cullen

Chasing Jeb Stuart and John Mosby [electronic resource]: the Union calvary in Northern Virginia from Second Manassas to Gettysburg by Robert F. O'Neill

Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284 [electronic resource]: the critical century by Clifford Ando

Proconsuls [electronic resource]: delegated political-military leadership from Rome to American today by Carnes Lord

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New titles in Accounting

Accounting for ministers [electronic resource]: scandal and survival in British government, 1945-2007 by Samuel Berlinski et al.

Short introduction to accounting [electronic resource] by Richard Barker

IPSAS explained [electronic resource]: a summary of International Public Sector Accounting Standards by Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger

Monday, October 22, 2012

New titles in International Relations

External intervention and the politics of state formation [electronic resource]: China, Indonesia, and Thailand, 1893-1952 by Ja Ian Chong

War, guilt, and world politics after World War II [electronic resource] by Thomas U. Berger

The United States and the world [electronic resource]: from imitation to challenge by Andrzej Mania and Aukasz Wordliczek editors

Global perspectives on migration and development [electronic resource]: GFMD Puerto Vallarta and beyond by Irena Omelaniuk editor

The economics of freedom [electronic resource]: theory, measurement and policy implications by Sebastiano Bavetta, Pietro Navarra

International relations and the first great debate [electronic resource] edited by Brian C. Schmidt

India's late, late industrial revolution [electronic resource] : democratizing entrepreneurship by Sumit Kumar  Majumdar

The limits of ethics in international relations : natural law, natural rights, and human rights in transition by David Boucher

New titles in Education

Student participation in online discussions [electronic resource]: challenges, solutions and future research by Khe Foon Hew and Wing Sum Cheung

Reading, writing, mathematics and the developing brain [electronic resource]: listening to many voices by Zvia Breznitz et al., editors.

The role of criticism in understanding problem solving [electronic resource]: honoring the work of John C. Belland by Samuel B. Fee

Groups in practice [electronic resource]: a school counselor's collection by Debra Madaris Efird

The SAPR-PBIS manual : a team-based approach to implementing effective schoolwide positive behavior interventions and supports by Bridget Anne Walker

Dealing with the tough stuff : practical solutions for school administrators by John G. Gabriel

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New titles in History

Marching with Sherman [electronic resource] : through Georgia and the Carolinas with the 154th New York by Mark H. Dunkelman

The wars for Asia, 1911-1949 [electronic resource] by S.C.M. Paine

Beyond forty acres and a mule [electronic resource]: African American landowning families since Reconstruction edited by Debra A. Reid and Evan P. Bennett

Lincoln's hundred days [electronic resource] : the Emancipation Proclamation and the war for the union by Louis P. Masur

The great African slave revolt of 1825 [electronic resource] : Cuba and the fight for freedom in Matanzas by Manuel Barcia]

Fifty years of revolution [electronic resource] : perspectives on Cuba, the United States, and the world edited by Soraya M. Castro Mariato? and Ronald W. Pruessen

A Cold War turning point [electronic resource] : Nixon and China, 1969-1972 by Chris Tudda

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Art/work : everything you need to know (and do) as you pursue your art career by Heather Darcy Bhandari,

The small screen : how television equips us to live in the information age by Brian L. Ott

Breaking into the art world : how to start making a living as an artist by Brian Marshall White

How to survive and prosper as an artist : selling yourself without selling your soul by Caroll Michels

The melody man [electronic resource]: Joe Davis and the New York music scene, 1916-1978 by Bruce Bastin with Kip Lornell

Before the chinrest [electronic resource]: a violinist's guide to the mysteries of pre-chinrest technique and style by Stanley Ritchie

Hollywood's Indies [electronic resource]: classics divisions, specialty labels and the American film market by Yannis Tzioumakis

3-D revolution [electronic resource]: the history of modern stereoscopic cinema by Ray Zone

Michelangelo da Carravaggio [electronic resource] by Felix Witting and M.L. Patrizi

New Materials in Social Work

Young people leaving care [electronic resource] :  supporting pathways to adulthood / Mike Stein.

The art of doing good [electronic resource] : where passion meets action / Charles Bronfman, Jeffrey Solomon ; with John Sedgwick

Charity case [electronic resource] : how the nonprofit community can stand up for itself and really change the world / Dan Pallotta.

Choosing Ethnicity, Negotiating Race [electronic resource] : Korean Adoptees in America / Mia Tuan and Jiannbin Lee Shiao.

Primary movement in sign languages [electronic resource] : a study of six languages / Donna Jo Napoli, Nicholas Gaw, Mark Mai.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Materials in Physics

Aspects of consciousness [electronic resource] : essays on physics, death, and the mind / edited by Ingrid Fredriksson.

Quantum theory [electronic resource] : a philosopher's overview / Salvator Cannavo.

Climate change [electronic resource] : the science of global warming and our energy future / Edmond A. Mathez ; student companion by Jason E. Smerdon.


New Materials in Philosophy

Ethical theory [electronic resource] : an anthology /edited by Russell Shafer-Landau.

Free will in Montaigne, Pascal, Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire and Sartre [electronic resource] / Mary Efrosini Gregory.

Feelings of being alive [electronic resource] / edited by Joerg Fingerhut and Sabine Marienberg.

Jewish philosophy as a guide to life [electronic resource] : Rosenzweig, Buber, Levinas, Wittgenstein /Hilary Putnam.

New Materials in Theology

The city of God = (De civitate Dei) / introduction and translation, William Babcock ; notes, Boniface Ramsey

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Materials in Modern Languages

Lithochdeutsches Worterbuch. [electronic resource]

Nights of storytelling [electronic resource] : a cultural history of Kanaky-New Caledonia / edited by Raylene Ramsay.

Vladimir Nabokov [electronic resource] : "Lolita" /John Lennard.

Henrik Ibsen [electronic resource] : A doll's house /S.H. Siddall.

New titles in Education

Empowering science and mathematics education in urban schools [electronic resource] by Edna Tan and Angela Calabrese

Music for early learning [electronic resource]: songs and musical activities to support children's development by Linda Bance

Generation on a tight rope [electronic resource]: a portrait of today's college student by Arthur Levine and Diane R. Dean

Instructional coaches and the instructional leadership team: a guide for school-building improvement by Dean T. Spaulding and Gail Smith

Monday, October 8, 2012

New titles in Environmental Science

Sediment management at the river basin scale [electronic resource] edited by Philip N. Owens

Perspectives for agroecosystem management [electronic resource]: balancing environmental and socio-economic demands edited by P. Schrader, J. Pfadenhauer and J.C. Munch

Supercritical water [electronic resource]: a green solvent, properties and uses by Yizhak Marcus

Inclusive green growth [electronic resource]: the pathway to sustainable development by Marianne Fay

New titles in Political Science

The influence of campaign contributions in state legislatures [electronic resource]: the effects of institutions and politics by Lynda W. Powell

Elusive victories [electronic resource]: the American presidency at war by Andrew J. Polsky

From fashion to politics: hadassah and jewish american women in the post world war ii era by Shirli Brautbar

Power, national security and transformational global events [electronic resource]: challenges confronting America, China and Iran; edited by Thomas A. Johnson

As free and as just as possible [electronic resource]: the theory of Marxian liberalism by Jeffrey Reiman

The American presidents ranked by performance, 1789-2012 [electronic resource] by Charles F. Faber and Richard B. Faber

When war ends [electronic resource]: building peace in divided communities by David J. Francis

The Tea Party : three principles by Elizabeth Price Foley

Democratization and research methods [electronic resource] by Michael Coppedge

Special responsibilities [electronic resource]: global problems and American power by Mlada Bukovansky et al.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Materials in Psychology

Human fallibility [electronic resource] : the ambiguity of errors for work
and learning / edited by Johannes Bauer, Christian Harteis.

Culture of ambiguity [electronic resource] : implications for self and social understanding in adolescence / Sandra Leanne Bosacki.

Interdisciplinary research on close relationships : the case for integration / edited by Lorne Campbell and Timothy J. Loving.

Becoming oneself [electronic resource] : dimensions of 'Bildung' and the facilitation of personality development / Käthe Schneider (ed.).