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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Titles Biology

Evolutionary systems biology [electronic resource] / edited by Orkun S.

Computational strategies towards improved protein function prophecy of xylanases from thermomyces lanuginosus [electronic resource] / M. V. K. Karthik, Pratyoosh Shukla.

Network inference in molecular biology [electronic resource] : a hands-on framework / Jesse M. Lingeman, Dennis Shasha.

Trees of life : a visual history of evolution / Theodore W. Pietsch.

Mitochondria / Immo E. Scheffler.

Secret lives of ants / Jae Choe ; foreword by Jane Goodall ; photographs by Dan Perlman ; translated by Dan Leonard.

Polar bears : a complete guide to their biology and behavior / text by Andrew E. Derocher ; photographs by Wayne Lynch.

Genomics and systems biology of mammalian cell culture [electronic resource] / volume editors: Wei Shou Hu, An-Ping Zeng ; with contributions by M. Berger...[et al.].

Plants and heavy metals [electronic resource] / Antonella Furini, editor.

Passerine migration [electronic resource] : stopovers and flight / Nikita Chernetsov.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New titles in Information Systems

iPad for dummies  by Edward C. Baig

The investment industry for IT practitioners [electronic resource] an introductory guide by Andrew Bradford

iPod touch portable genius [electronic resource] by Paul McFedries

The data warehouse lifecycle toolkit [electronic resource] by Ralph Kimball et al.

Technology change and the rise of new industries [electronic resource] by Jeffrey L. Funk

New titles in Environmental Science

Climate change, the indoor environment, and health [electronic resource] by Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

Good green jobs in a global economy [electronic resource]: making and keeping new industries in the United States by David J. Hess

Climate change in California [electronic resource] : risk and response by Fredrich Kahrl and David Roland-Holst

Climate change [electronic resource]: the science of global warming and our energy future by Edmond A. Mathez

New Titles in Philosophy



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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Titles in Journalism

Walter's perspective [electronic resource] : a memoir of fifty years in Chicago TV news / Walter Jacobson ; with a foreword by Bill Kurtis

The grace of silence / Michele Norris.
Women of the Washington press : politics, prejudice, and persistence / Maurine H. Beasley ; foreword by Sandy Johnson.

Coming home [electronic resource] : media and returning diaspora in Israel and Germany / Nelly Elias ; with a foreword by Hanna Herzog.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Titles for Sociology and Anthropology

Gender and the city before modernity / edited by Lin Foxhall and Gabriele     Neher.
An argument for same-sex marriage [electronic resource] : religious freedom, sexual freedom, and public expressions of civic equality / Emily R. Gill.

The slumbering masses : sleep, medicine, and modern American life / Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer.

Social movements and the new state [electronic resource] : the fate of     pro-democracy organizations when democracy is won / Brian K. Grodsky.

Ethnography and virtual worlds [electronic resource] : a handbook of method / Tom Boellstorff ... [et al.] ; with a foreword by George Marcus.

Envy up, scorn down [electronic resource] : how status divides us / Susan T. Fiske.

Still connected [electronic resource] : family and friends in America since 1970 / Claude S. Fischer.

The creolizing subject [electronic resource] : race, reason, and the politics of purity / Michael J. Monahan.

Transforming Japan [electronic resource] : How Feminism and Diversity Are Making a Difference.                   

New Titles in Social Work

Cover ArtSocial work reclaimed [electronic resource] : innovative frameworks for child and family social work
practice by Steve GoodmanIsabelle Trowler.

Safeguarding babies and very young children from abuse and neglect [electronic resource]by Harriet Ward.


New Titles in Chemistry

Cover ArtSolid base catalysis [electronic resource] / Yoshio Ono, Hideshi Hattori.

Cover ArtChalcogenides [electronic resource] : metastability and phase change phenomena / Alexander Kolobov, Junji Tominaga.

Cover ArtPractical synthetic organic chemistry [electronic resource] : reactions, principles, and techniques /edited by Stephane Caron.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New titles in International Relations

International migration and citizenship today by Niklaus Steiner

The Organization of American States (OAS): global governance away from the media by Monica Herz

 The Vietnam War: a concise international history by Mark Atwood

Transatlantic relations since 1945: an introduction by Jussi M. Hanhimaki et al

Passport to Peking: a very British mission to Mao's China by Patrick Wright

The immigrant war [electronic resource]: a global movement against discrimination and exploitation by Vittorio Longhi

The European Union and the Arab Spring [electronic resource]: promoting democracy and human rights in the Middle East edited by Joel Peters

The scramble for citizens [electronic resource]: dual nationality and state competition for immigrants by David Cook-Martin

New titles in Political Science

Framing democracy [electronic resource] : a behavioral approach to democratic theory by Jamie Terence Kelly

Issues in political theory by Catriona McKinnon

Changes for democracy : actors, structures, processes by Leonardo Morlino

Liberalism as ideology : essays in honour of Michael Freeden by Ben Jackson

Electoral Malpractice by Sarah Birch

Origins of the English Parliament by John Robert Maddicott

Reform by numbers [electronic resource]: measurement applied to customs and tax administrations in developing countries by Thomas Cantens et al

The return of geopolitics in Europe? [electronic resource]: social mechanisms and foreign policy identity crises edited by Stefano Guzzini

From the pit to the market [electronic resource]: politics and the diamond economy in Sierra Leone by Diane Frost

Party pursuits and the presidential-house election connection, 1900-2008 [electronic resource] by Jeffrey M. Stonecash

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Titles in Women & Gender Studies

The gender trap [electronic resource] : parents and the pitfalls of raising boys and girls / Emily W. Kane.

Transforming Japan [electronic resource] : How Feminism and Diversity Are Making a Difference.

Women, religion, and space in China [electronic resource] : Islamic mosques & Daoist temples, Catholic convents & Chinese virgins / Maria Jaschok and Shui Jingjun.

Recoding gender [electronic resource] : women's changing participation in
computing / Janet Abbate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Materials in Exercise Science

Aretism : an ancient sports philosophy for the modern sports world / M.
Andrew Holowchak and Heather L. Reid.

Reality is broken : why games make us better and how they can change the
/ Jane McGonigal.

Body by Weimar : athletes, gender, and German modernity / Erik N. Jensen.

Physical culture and sport in Soviet society [electronic resource] : propaganda, acculturation, and transformation in the 1920s and 1930s / Susan Grant.


Monday, February 11, 2013

New titles in History

How we forgot the Cold War [electronic resource] : a historical journey across America by Jon Wiener

Kurds and the State in Iran [electronic resource] : the making of Kurdish identity by Abbas Vali

The Amritsar Massacre [electronic resource] : the untold story of one fateful day by Nick Lloyd

Remembering roadside America [electronic resource] : preserving the recent past as landscape and place by John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle

Brotherhood of kings : how international relations shaped the ancient Near East by Amanda H. Podany
Handbook to life in the Aztec world  by Manuel Aguilar-Moreno

 Barbed wire diplomacy : Britain, Germany, and the politics of prisoners of war, 1939-1945 by Neville Wylie

Renaissance and reform in Tudor England : the careers of Sir Richard Morison, c. 1513-1556 by Tracey Amanda Sowerby

War in England, 1642-1649 by Barbara Donagan

Ireland under the Union by W.E.Vaughan


New titles in African Studies

Why industrial revolution by-passes Africa [electronic resource] : a knowledge system perspective by Hilary U.  Nwokeabia

Entrepreneurship in Africa  [electronic resource] : the spiritual dimension by Stewart Chibanda

Between the theory and practice of democracy in Nigeria  [electronic resource] : an assessment of Obasanjo's first term in office by academics and practitioners by E.C.  Amucheazi

Fragmented families, poverty, and women's reproductive narratives in South Africa [electronic resource] by Kammila Naidoo,

The political impact of the Sino-U.S. oil competition in Africa [electronic resource] : an international political explanation of the resource curse in African petro-states by by Didier T. Djoumessi

Abolition and empire in Sierra Leone and Liberia  [electronic resource] by Bronwen Everill

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Titles in Sociology & Anthropology

Human evolution [electronic resource] : trails from the past / Camilo J.
Cela-Conde and Francisco J. Ayala.

Sex and salvation [electronic resource] : imagining the future in
Madagascar / Jennifer Cole.

Investigating quality of urban life [electronic resource] : theory,
methods, and empirical research / Robert W. Marans, Robert J. Stimson,

Conflict, interdependence, and justice [electronic resource] : the intellectual legacy of Morton Deutsch / Peter T. Coleman, editor.

The rhetoric of racist humour [electronic resource] : US, UK and global race joking / by Simon Weaver.

Not under my roof [electronic resource] : parents, teens, and the culture of sex.

Historical foundations of Black reflective sociology [electronic resource] / John H. Stanfield, II.

Social unconscious in persons, groups and societies. Vol. 1, Mainly theory. [electronic resource]

A practical guide to transformative supervision for the helping professions [electronic resource] : amplifying insight / Nicki Weld ; foreword by Jan Fook.

The politics of misrecognition [electronic resource] / edited by Simon Thompson, Majid Yar.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Titles in Theology

The great beginning of Cîteaux : a narrative of the beginning of the Cistercian order : the Exordium magnum of Conrad of Eberbach / translated by Benedicta Ward and Paul Savage ; edited by E. Rozanne Elder ; foreword by Brian Patrick McGuire.

I francescani e le scienze : atti del XXXIX Convegno internazionale : Assisi, 6-8 ottobre 2011.

Into the lion's den : the Jesuit mission in Elizabethan England and Wales,  1580-1603 / Robert E. Scully.

The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1589-1597 : building the faith of Saint Peter upon the King of Spain's monarchy / Thomas M. McCoog.

Notes sur la vie et les miracles de Saint Bernard : Fragmenta I / Geoffroy d'Auxerre. Précédé de Raynaud de Foigny, Fragmenta II ; introduction, texte, traduction, notes et index par Raffaele Fassetta.

Surrender : Father Walter Ciszek, Jesuit priest/Soviet prisoner /  Seamus Dockery.

A call to vision : a Jesuit's perspective on the world / by Don Doll.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1906-1945 : martyr, thinker, man of resistance / Ferdinand Schlingensiepen ; translated by Isabel Best.