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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Materials in American Studies

Encyclopedia of right-wing extremism in modern American history
[electronic resource] / Stephen E. Atkins.

Righteous violence [electronic resource] : revolution, slavery, and the
American renaissance / Larry J. Reynolds.

Opting out [electronic resource] : losing the potential of America's young
black elite / Maya A. Beasley.

The Confederate heartland [electronic resource] : military and civilian
morale in the western Confederacy / Bradley R. Clampitt.

Philanthropy in America [electronic resource] : a history / Olivier Zunz.

Jihadi terrorism and the radicalisation challenge [electronic resource] : European and American experiences / edited by Rik Coolsaet.

My southern home [electronic resource] ; or, the South and its people / by William Wells Brown ; edited and with an introduction by John Ernest.

Kentucky rising [electronic resource] : democracy, slavery, and culture from the early republic to the Civil War / James A. Ramage and Andrea S. Watkins.

Daisy petals and mushroom clouds [electronic resource] : LBJ, Barry Goldwater, and the ad that changed American politics / Robert Mann.

Why America failed [electronic resource] : the roots of imperial decline / Morris Berman.

Friday, December 30, 2011

New titles in Fine and Performing Arts

Mapping intermediality in performance [electronic resource] for Sarah Bay-Cheng

Broadcasting the civil war in El Salvador [electronic resource] : a memoir of guerrilla radio by Carlos Henríquez Consalvi
Contemporary music [electronic resource] : theoretical and philosophical perspectives by Max Paddison

Art practice in a digital culture [electronic resource] by Hazel Gardiner
The world of William Byrd [electronic resource] : musicians, merchants and magnates by John Harley
Hedy Lamarr [electronic resource] : the most beautiful woman in film by Ruth Barton

What makes it great? : short masterpieces, great composers by Robert Kapilow

Conversations with Clint [electronic resource] : Paul Nelson's lost interviews with Clint Eastwood, 1979-1983  by Kevin Avery

Costuming the Shakespearean stage [electronic resource] : visual codes of representation in early modern theatre and culture by Robert I. Lublin

Horror film festivals and awards [electronic resource] by Thomas M. Sipos

New titles in Marketing and Management

The enemy of engagement : put an end to workplace frustration--and get the most from your employees by Mark Royal
It's your biz : the complete guide to becoming your own boss by Susan Wilson Solovic
Delivering knock your socks off service by Performance Associates, Inc
Harvesting intangible assets : uncover hidden revenue in your company's intellectual property by Andrew J. Sherman

YouTube and video marketing [electronic resource] : an hour a day by Greg Jarboe

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Titles in Psychology

10-10-10 [sound recording] : [10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years : a
life-transforming idea] / Suzy Welch

Philosophy's moods [electronic resource] : the affective grounds of
thinking / Hagi Kenaan, Ilit Ferber, editors.

A new unified theory of psychology [electronic resource] / Gregg

Casi classici della psicologia [electronic resource] / Geoff Rolls ;
Traduzione e cura dell'edizione italiana: Laura Piccardi e Simonetta D'Amico.

Trust [electronic resource] : the evolutionary game of mind and society /Toshio Yamagishi.

Links between beliefs and cognitive flexibility [electronic resource] : lessons learned / Jan Elen...[et al.], editors.

Neuroscience, consciousness and spirituality [electronic resource] /Harald Walach, Stefan Schmidt, Wayne B. Jonas, editors.

House and psychology [electronic resource] : humanity is overrated /edited by Ted Cascio and Leonard L. Martin.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Titles in Women and Gender Studies

Diversity, standardization and social transformation [electronic resource]
: gender, ethnicity and inequality in Europe / edited by Max Koch, Lesley
McMillan and Bram Peper.

Soldiers' stories [electronic resource] : military women in cinema and
television since World War II / Yvonne Tasker.

Spectacular rhetorics [electronic resource] : human rights visions,
recognitions, feminisms / Wendy S. Hesford.

Spiritual mestizaje [electronic resource] : religion, gender, race, and
nation in contemporary Chicana narrative / Theresa Delgadillo.

Strange affinities [electronic resource] : the gender and sexual politics of comparative racialization / edited by Grace Kyungwon Hong & Roderick A. Ferguson.

Why stories matter [electronic resource] : the political grammar of feminist theory / Clare Hemmings.

Women, war, and the making of Bangladesh [electronic resource] : remembering 1971 / Yasmin Saikia.

Inequalities of love [electronic resource] : college-educated black women and the barriers to romance and family / Averil Y. Clarke.

Sojourning for freedom [electronic resource] : black women, American communism, and the making of black left feminism / Erik S. McDuffie.

Female circumcision : the interplay of religion, culture, and gender in Kenya / Mary Nyangweso Wangila.

Friday, December 23, 2011

New titles in Information Systems

Microsoft Windows server administration essentials [electronic resource] by Tom Carpenter

Optimizing and assessing information technology [electronic resource] : improving business project execution by K. Scott Proctor
SharePoint 2010 administration [electronic resource] : instant reference by Randy Williams

 Internet governance [electronic resource]: the new frontier of global institutions by John Mathiason

Counter hack reloaded : a step-by-step guide to computer attacks and effective defenses by Ed Skoudis

The new information professional : your guide to careers in the digital age by Judy Lawson

IP telephony interconnection reference [electronic resource] : challenges, models, and engineering by Mohamed Boucadair

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New titles in History

Virginia at war, 1865 [electronic resource]  by William C. Davis

Studies in the archaeology and history of Caesarea Maritima : caput Judaeae, metropolis Palaestinae by J. Patrich

Reading the ruins [electronic resource] : modernism, bombsites and British culture by Leo Mellor

An air war with Cuba [electronic resource] : the United States radio campaign against Castro by Daniel C. Walsh

Christian texts for Aztecs : art and liturgy in colonial Mexico by Jaime Lara

Through amateur eyes : film and photography in Nazi Germany by Frances Guerin

After Freedom Summer [electronic resource] : how race realigned Mississippi politics, 1965-1986 by Chris    Danielson

Historical dictionary of Canada [electronic resource]  by Barry M. Gough

New titles in Education

Total participation techniques [electronic resource] : making every student an active learner  by Pérsida Himmele

100 learning games for special needs with music, movement, sounds and silence [electronic resource] by Johanne Hanko

Higher education and the public good [electronic resource] : imagining the university  by Jon Nixon

Education in Nazi Germany [electronic resource]  by Lisa Pine

Leading standards-based education reform [electronic resource] : improving implementation of standards to increase student achievement by Linda R.Vogel

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New titles in International Relations

A history of Korea [electronic resource] : from antiquity to the present  by Michael J. Seth

Inside the red box [electronic resource] : North Korea's post-totalitarian politics by Patrick McEachern

The many constitutions of Europe [electronic resource]  by Kaarlo Tuori

Harmony and war [electronic resource] : Confucian culture and Chinese power politics by Yuan-Kang Wang

Monday, December 19, 2011

New titles in African Studies

African foreign policy and diplomacy [electronic resource] : from antiquity to the 21st century by Daniel Don Nanjira

US strategy in Africa [electronic resource] : AFRICOM, terrorism and security challenges by David J. Francis
African American civil rights [electronic resource] : early activism and the Niagara movement by Angela Jones
The African Union [electronic resource] : challenges of globalization, security, and governance by Samuel M. Makinda

The dynamics of violence in central Africa by René Lemarchand

Why Africa matters by Cedric Mayson

Africa and the West : a documentary history by William H. Worger

Western Sahara : war, nationalism, and conflict irresolution by Stephen Zunes

The African diaspora and the disciplines [electronic resource] by Tejumola Olaniyan

The law and the prophets [electronic resource] : Black consciousness in South Africa, 1968-1977 by Daniel R. Magaziner

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Materials in Sociology & Anthropology

Peoples on parade [electronic resource] : exhibitions, empire, and anthropology in nineteenth century Britain / Sadiah Qureshi.

Violence in a time of liberation [electronic resource] : murder and ethnicity at a South African gold mine, 1994 / Donald L. Donham ; with photographs by Santu Mofokeng.

Diversity, standardization and social transformation [electronic resource] : gender, ethnicity and inequality in Europe / edited by Max Koch, Lesley McMillan and Bram Peper.

The Cambridge world history of slavery [electronic resource] / David Eltis, Stanley L. Engerman, general editors.

Race? [electronic resource] : debunking a scientific myth / Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle.

Gaydar culture [electronic resource] : gay men, technology and embodiment in the Digital Age / Sharif Mowlabocus.

Participatory development in Kenya [electronic resource] / Josephine Syokau Mwanzia, Robert Craig Strathdee.

The politics of state feminism [electronic resource] : innovation in comparative research / Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G. Mazur; with contributions by Joni Lovenduski ... [et al.].

Out and running [electronic resource] : gay and lesbian candidates, elections, and policy representation / Donald P. Haider-Markel.

Paradoxes of utopia [electronic resource] : anarchist culture and politics in Buenos Aires, 1890-1910 / Juan Suriano; translated by Chuck Morse.

New Materials in Journalism

A voice in the box [electronic resource] : my life in radio / Bob Edwards.

The Christian Science Monitor [electronic resource] : an evolving
experiment in journalism / Linda K. Fuller.

Television as digital media [electronic resource] / edited by James
Bennett and Niki Strange.

The beginnings of scholarly economic journalism [electronic resource] :
the Austrian Economist and The German Economist / J*urgen Georg Backhaus,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New titles in International Relations

Teaching about hegemony [electronic resource] : race, class and democracy in the 21st century / Paul Orlowski.

The nation and nationalism in Europe : an introduction by Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski

Energy and security in South Asia : cooperation or conflict? by Charles K. Ebinger
North Korea under Kim Chong-il [electronic resource] : power, politics, and prospects for change by Ken E. Gause

Handbook of defence politics [electronic resource]: international and comparative perspectives edited by Isaiah Wilson III and James J. F. Forest

Politics and the people in revolutionary Russia : a provincial history by Sarah Badcock

International security in practice : the politics of NATO-Russia diplomacy by Vincent Pouliot

Skeletons in the closet : transitional justice in post-Communist Europe by Monika Nalepa

Racism and borders  [electronic resource]: representation, repression and resistance edited by Jeff Shantz

Observant states [electronic resource]: geopolitics and visual culture edited by Fraser McDonald, Rachel Hughes and Klaus Dodds

New titles by Creighton authors

The complete letters of Henry James, 1872-1876 edited by Gregory Zacharias

The Catholic calumet : colonial conversions in French and Indian North America  by Tracy Neal Leavelle

Rites of passage: how today's Jews celebrate, commemorate, and commiserate by Leonard J. Greenspoon

Catholic social learning : educating the faith that does justice by Roger C. Bergman

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Materials in Classics

Scholia vetera in Sophoclis Electram [electronic resource] / edited by
Georgios A. Xenis.

Rococo and other worlds [electronic resource] : selected poems / Afzal
Ahmed Syed ; translated from the Urdu by Musharraf Ali Farooqi.

Time, tense and aspect in early Vedic grammar [electronic resource] :
exploring inflectional semantics in the Rigveda / by Eystein Dahl.

The archaeology of capitalism in colonial contexts [electronic resource] :
postcolonial historical archaeologies / Sarah K. Croucher, Lindsay Weiss,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Titles in Political Science

Fixing the facts [electronic resource]: national security and the politics of intelligence by Joshua Rovner

Crashing the Tea Party : mass media and the campaign to remake American politics by Paul Louis Street

The priority of democracy [electronic resource] : political consequences of pragmatism by Jack Knight

Attention deficit democracy [electronic resource] : the paradox of civic engagement by Ben Berger

Still a house divided [electronic resource] : race and politics in Obama's America by Desmond S. King

FDR, Dewey, and the election of 1944 [electronic resource] by David M. Jordan

State of change [electronic resource] : Colorado politics in the twenty-first century by Courtenay W. Daum

The European Union [electronic resource] by Clive Archer

The speaker of the House : a study of leadership by Matthew N. Green

Competitive Authoritarianism : hybrid regimes after the Cold War by Steven Levitsky

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New materials in Biology

Advanced protocols for animal transgenesis [electronic resource] : an ISTT
manual / Shirley Pease, Thomas L. Saunders, editors.

Bacteria in agrobiology [electronic resource] : plant nutrient management
/ Dinesh K. Maheshwari, editor.

Landscape ecology in forest management and conservation [electronic
resource] : challenges and solutions for global change / Chao Li, Raffael
Lafortezza, Jiquan Chen.

Giardia [electronic resource] : a model organism / Hugo D. Luj*an, Staffan
Sv*ard, editors.

'In considerable variety' [electronic resource] : introducing the diversity of Australia's insects / Tim R. New.

Adhesive interactions in normal and transformed cells [electronic resource] / Yury A. Rovensky.

Origins of life [electronic resource] : the primal self-organization /Richard Egel, Dirk-Henner Lankenau, Armen Y. Mulkidjanian, editors.

Fighting poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] : the multiple roles of legumes in integrated soil fertility management / Andre Bationo...[et al.], editors.

Biology and conservation of the European sturgeon acipenser sturio L. 1758 [electronic resource] : the reunion of the European and Atlantic sturgeons / Patrick Williot...[et al.], editors.

Biodiversity hotspots [electronic resource] : distribution and protection of conservation priority areas / Frank E. Zachos, Jan Christian Habel, editors.

Friday, December 9, 2011

New titles in History

The roots, rituals, and rhetorics of change [electronic resource] : North American business schools after the Second World War  by Mie Augier

A history of trust in ancient Greece [electronic resource] by Steven Johnstone

Now we are citizens : indigenous politics in postmulticultural Bolivia by Nancy Grey Postero

Evo Morales : the extraordinary rise of the first indigenous president of Bolivia by Martin Sivak
Argentina: a modern history by Jill Hedges

After Hiroshima : the United States, race and nuclear weapons in Asia, 1945-1965 by Matt Jones

Iran's foreign policy in the post-Soviet era : resisting the new international order by Shireen Hunter 

Cambridge Companion to Gandhi by Judith M. Brown

The presidency in the twenty-first century [electronic resource] by Charles W. Dunn

The firm : the inside story of the Stasi by Gary Bruce

New Materials in Theology

Christian theology and tragedy [electronic resource] :  theologians, tragic literature and tragic theory /                        edited by Kevin Taylor, Giles Waller.

New titles in Marketing and Management

Ethical issues and social dilemmas in knowledge management : organizational innovation by Goncalo Jorge Morais da Costa
Innovative knowledge management : concepts for organizational creativity and collaborative design by Alan Eardley
Complexity and knowledge management : understanding the role of knowledge in the management of social networks by Andrew Tait

 The new rules of marketing & PR [electronic resource] : how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, & viral marketing to reach buyers directly by David Meerman Scott

Leadership in the digital enterprise : issues and challenges by Pak Yoong

Advertising and cultural politics in global times [electronic resource] by Pamela Odih

New demographics, new workspace [electronic resource] : office design for the changing workforce / Jeremy Myerson, Jo-Anne Bichard, and Alma Erlich

Street-smart advertising [electronic resource] : how to win the battle of the buzz / Margo Berman

Evidence-based reward management [electronic resource] : creating measurable business impact from your pay and reward practices / Michael Armstrong, Duncan Brown, Peter Reilly

Perspectives on social media marketing [electronic resource] : the agency perspective/the brand perspective / Stephanie Agresta, B. Bonin Bough