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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New titles in Marketing and Management

Utilizing the 3Ms of process improvement [electronic resource] : a step-by-step guide to better outcomes leading to performance excellence by Richard Morrow

Institutions, economic performance and the visible hand [electronic resource] : theory and evidence by Ashok Chakravarti

Behavioral finance and investor types [electronic resource] : managing behavior to make better investment decisions by Michael M. Pompian

The 7 hidden reasons employees leave [electronic resource]: how to recognize the subtle signs and act before it's too late by Leigh Branham

Millenials and the workplace [electronic resource]: challenges for architecting the organizations of tomorrow by Pritam Singh, Asha Bhandarker and Sumita Rai

Complete B2B online marketing [electronic resource] by Maura Ginty, Lauren Vaccarello and William Leake

The right skills for the job? [electronic resource]: rethinking training policies for workers by Rita Almeda, Jere Behrman and David Robalino editors

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