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Friday, April 27, 2012

New titles in International Relations

A whole new world [electronic resource] : reinventing international studies for the post-Western world  by Pierre Lizée

The constant diplomat [electronic resource] : Robert Ford in Moscow  by Charles A. Ruud

Our place in the sun [electronic resource] : Canada and Cuba in the Castro era  by Robert A. Wright

Leadership in international relations [electronic resource] : the balance of power and the origins of World War II  by Ariel Ilan Roth

Transatlantic diplomacy and the use of military force in the post-Cold War era [electronic resource] by Mark   Wintz

New titles in History

Eleanor Roosevelt : transformative first lady by Maurine Hoffman Beasley

Mysterious bones: the story of Kennewick Man by Katherine Kirkpatrick

Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World by Jeffrey Herf

The Seljuqs : politics, society and culture by Christian Robert  Lange

Race and national power : a sourcebook of Black civil rights from 1862 to 1954 by Christopher Waldrep

Sectarianism in Iraq : antagonistic visions of unity by Fanar Haddad

Nine lives of Israel [electronic resource]:  a nation's history through the lives of its foremost leaders by Jack L. Schwartzwald

Ending the Civil War [electronic resource]: the bloody year from Grant's promotion to Lincoln's assassination by Benton Rain Patterson

America's first Great Depression [electronic resource]: economic crisis and political disorder after the Panic of 1837 by Alasdair Roberts

New Materials in Biology

Johnson, Mark H. (Mark Henry), 1960-Title: Developmental cognitive neuroscience [electronic
resource] : an introduction / Mark H. Johnson; with Michelle de Haan.

How the heart develops : a visual approach / Donald A. Fischman.

Hepatic circulation : physiology and pathophysiology /W. Wayne Lautt.

Control of cardiac output / David B. Young.

Sex and the developing brain / Margaret M. McCarthy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New titles in Mathematics

Cluster analysis by Brian Everitt

Roads to infinity: the mathematics of truth and proof by John Stillwell

Competing risks : a practical perspective  by Melania Pintilie

Thirty-three miniatures : mathematical and algorithmic applications of linear algebra  by Jiri Matoušek

New titles in Accounting

Wiley CPA exam review focus notes. Auditing and attestation, 2012 [electronic resource]  by Ray Whittington

Management accounting [electronic resource] : (theory, problems and solutions) by M.N. Arora

Advanced cost accounting [electronic resource] : (theory, problems and solutions) by M.N. Arora

Financial accounting [electronic resource] by Guruprasad Murthy

Advanced cost accounting [electronic resource] : (methods, tools & techniques)  by N.K. Sharma

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New titles in Environmental Science

Perspectives on environmental management and technology in Asian river basins [electronic resource] by David Higgitt, editor.

Our earth : how kids are saving the planet by Janet Wilson

The turning points of environmental history by Frank Uekötter

Environmental modeling [electronic resource] : using MATLAB / Ekkehard

Remote sensing of the environment and radiation transfer [electronic
    resource] : an introductory survey / by Anatoly Kuznetsov...[et al.].

Human-environment relations [electronic resource] : transformative values in theory and practice / Emily Brady, Pauline Phemister, editors.

Russian Arctic seas [electronic resource] : navigational conditions and accidents / Nataliya Marchenko.

New Titles in Sociology & Anthropology

Aging in China [electronic resource] : implications to social policy of a
changing economic state / Sheying Chen, Jason L. Powell, editors.

Putting fear of crime on the map [electronic resource] : investigating
perceptions of crime using geographic information systems / by Bruce J.
Doran, Melissa B. Burgess.

The reinvention of distinction [electronic resource] : modernity and the
middle class in urban Vietnam / Van Nguyen-Marshall, Lisa B. Welch
Drummond, Dani*ele B*elanger, editors.

Contradictions of neoliberal planning [electronic resource] : cities,
policies, and politics / Tuna Ta*san-Kok, Guy Baeten, editors.

Cold breezes and idiot winds [electronic resource] : patriotic correctness and the post-9/11 assault on academe / edited by Valerie Scatamburlo-D'Annibale.

A practical guide to transformative supervision for the helping professions [electronic resource] : amplifying insight / Nicki Weld ; foreword by Jan Fook.

The politics of misrecognition [electronic resource] / edited by Simon Thompson, Majid Yar.

Culture and planning [electronic resource] / by Simone Abram.

From genesis to prehistory [electronic resource] : the archaeological three age system and its contested reception in Denmark, Britain, and Ireland / Peter Rowley Conwy.

Radicalism in French culture [electronic resource] : a sociology of French theory in the 1960s / Niilo Kauppi.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Materials in Modern Languages

A trip to the country [electronic resource] / by Henriette-Julie de Castelnau, Comtesse de Murat ;
edited and translated by Perry Gethner and Allison Stedman ; introduction by Allison Stedman.

The emergence of Latin American science fiction [electronic resource] / Rachel Haywood Ferreira.

The Holocaust object in Polish and Polish-Jewish culture [electronic resource] / Bożena Shallcross.

The adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane [electronic resource] / by Alain René Le Sage ; translated by
Tobias Smollett ; edited by O M. Brack, Jr. and Leslie A. Chilton.

The bestiary, or, Procession of Orpheus [electronic resource] / Guillaume Apollinaire ; translated, with
an essay, by X. J. Kennedy ; woodcuts by Raoul Dufy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New titles in Military Science

Beating combat stress : 101 techniques for recovery by John Henden

Soldiers and citizens [electronic resource] : an oral history of Operation Iraqi Freedom from the battlefield to the Pentagon  by Carl Mirra

The case for combat [electronic resource] : how presidents persuade Americans to go to war by Edward J. Lordan

Academic writing for military personnel [electronic resource]  by Adam Chapnick

Triquet's cross [electronic resource] : a story of military heroism  by John MacFarlane

Treating weapons proliferation [electronic resource] : an oncological approach to the spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical technology  by David Santoro

New titles in African Studies

Budgeting for effectiveness in Rwanda [electronic resource] : from reconstruction to reform  by Kapeta  Sayinzoga

The female king of colonial Nigeria [electronic resource] : Ahebi Ugbabe  by Nwando Achebe

Special economic zones in Africa [electronic resource] : comparing performance and learning from global experiences  by Thomas Farole

Introduction  la politique africaine  [electronic resource] by Mamoudou Gazibo

L'entreprise africaine [electronic resource] : essai sur la mal gouvernance by Gerard Verna

Institutionalizing elites [electronic resource] : political elite formation and change in the KwaZulu-Natal provincial legislature by Suzanne Francis

Algerians without borders [electronic resource] : the making of a global frontier society by Allan Christelow

The making of modern South Africa [electronic resource] : conquest, apartheid, democracy by Nigel Worden

New Titles in Women and Gender Studies

The veil [electronic resource] : women writers on its history, lore, and
politics / edited by Jennifer Heath.

Marriage and violence [electronic resource] : the early modern legacy /
Frances E. Dolan.

Family, gender, and law in a globalizing Middle East and South Asia
[electronic resource] / edited by Kenneth M. Cuno and Manisha Desai

Grace, tenacity and eloquence [electronic resource] : the struggle for
women's rights in Africa / edited by Patrick Burnett, Shereen Karmali,
Firoze Manji.

Women's roles in sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource] / Toyin Falola and Nana Akua Amponsah.

Disabled women and domestic violence [electronic resource] : responding to the experiences of survivors.

New Materials in Physics

What are gamma-ray bursts? [electronic resource] /Joshua S. Bloom.

Study of the inclusive beauty production at CMS and construction and commissioning of the CMS pixel barrel detector [electronic resource] / Lea Caminada.

Planetary nebulae and how to observe them [electronic resource] / Martin Griffiths.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Materials in Biology

Immunosenescence [electronic resource] / Andreas Thiel, editor.

Synaptic plasticity [electronic resource] : dynamics, development and disease / Michael R. Kreutz, Carlo
Sala, editors.

The future of aging [electronic resource] : pathways to human life extension / Gregory M. Fahy ... [et
al.], editors.

Wymann, John D. York, editor.

New titles in Accounting

Guardians of finance [electronic resource]: making regulators work for us by James R. Barth et al

The business owner's guide to reading and understanding financial statements [electronic resource] : how to budget, forecast, and monitor cash flow for better decision making by Lita Epstein

Painting with numbers [electronic resource] : presenting financials and other numbers so people will understand you by Randall Bolten
 Operative transportation planning [electronic resource] : solutions in consumer goods supply chains /Thorben Seiler

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Titles in Psychology

Explorations in personality [electronic resource] / Henry A. Murray ...
[et al.].

Founding psychoanalysis phenomenologically [electronic resource] : phenomenological theory of subjectivity and the psychoanalytic experience / edited by Dieter Lohmar, Jagna Brudzinska.

On apologising in negative and positive politeness cultures [electronic
resource] / Eva Ogiermann

True and false recovered memories : toward a reconciliation of the debate
/ Robert F. Belli, editor.

Experiencing grandparenthood [electronic resource] : an Asian perspective / Kalyani K. Mehta, Leng Leng Thang, editors.

The social ecology of resilience [electronic resource] : a handbook of theory and practice / Michael Ungar, editor.

Thinking, fast and slow / Daniel Kahneman.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Materials in Physics

Basics of laser physics [electronic resource] : for students of science and engineering / Karl F. Renk.

The plasma environment of Venus, Mars, and Titan [electronic resource] / edited by Karoly Szego.

Social foundations of human space exploration [electronic resource] / James A. Dator.

Theory of nuclear fission [electronic resource] : a textbook / Hans J. Krappe, Krzysztof Pomorski.

Symmetries and group theory in particle physics [electronic resource] : an introduction to space-time
and internal symmetries / Giovanni Costa, Gianluigi Fogli.

New Titles in Sociology & Anthropology

Pots, farmers and foragers [electronic resource] : pottery traditions and
social interaction in the earliest Neolithic of the lower Rhine area /
edited by B. Vanmontfort ... (et.al.).

Biophilic cities [electronic resource] : integrating nature into urban design and planning / Timothy Beatley.

Sustainability in America's cities [electronic resource] : creating the green metropolis / edited by Matthew I. Slavin.

Understanding family change and variation [electronic resource] : toward a
theory of conjunctural action / Jennifer A. Johnson-Hanks...[et al.] ; with contribution by Lynette Hoelter, Rosalind King, Pamela Smock.

Investigating quality of urban life [electronic resource] : theory, methods, and empirical research / Robert W. Marans, Robert J. Stimson, editors.

Conflict, interdependence, and justice [electronic resource] : the intellectual legacy of Morton Deutsch / Peter T. Coleman, editor.

The rhetoric of racist humour [electronic resource] : US, UK and global race joking / by Simon Weaver.

Not under my roof [electronic resource] : parents, teens, and the culture of sex.

Historical foundations of Black reflective sociology [electronic resource] / John H. Stanfield, II.

Social unconscious in persons, groups and societies. Vol. 1, Mainly theory. [electronic resource]

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New titles in Marketing and Management

Manager's guide to mentoring [electronic resource]  by Curtis J. Crawford

Perfect phrases for customer service [electronic resource] : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for handling any customer service situation  by Robert Bacal

The IKEA edge : building global growth and social good at the world's most iconic home store by Anders  Dahlvig

The cool factor : building your brand's image through partnership marketing  by Del Breckenfeld

Marketing management [electronic resource] by Brian Sheehan

Go mobile [electronic resource] : location-based marketing, apps, mobile optimized ad campaigns, 2D codes and other mobile strategies to grow your business by Jeanne Hopkins

Monday, April 9, 2012

New titles in Economics and Finance

Pilgrims of the night : development challenges and opportunities in Africa by Ivor Agyeman-Duah

Grand pursuit : the story of economic genius by Sylvia Nasar

Integral economics [electronic resource] : releasing the economic genius of your society by Ronnie Lessem

The political economy of sovereign wealth funds [electronic resource]  by Yi-Chong  Xu

Central banking and financialization [electronic resource] : a Romanian account of how Eastern Europe became subprime  by Daniela Gabor

The Keynes solution [electronic resource] : the path to global economic prosperity by Paul Davidson

New titles in Mathematics

Log-gases and random matrices [electronic resource] / P.J. Forrester

Higher topos theory [electronic resource] / Jacob Lurie.
The philosophy of mathematical practice by Paolo Mancosu

Inequalities [electronic resource] : theorems, techniques and selected problems / Zdravko Cvetkovski

New Materials in Modern Languages

 Andr*e Breton : the power of language / edited by Ramona Fotiade.

 The testament of Cresseid ; &, seven fables / Robert Henryson ; translated by Seamus Heaney.

Documents in crisis [electronic resource] : nonfiction literatures in twentieth-century Mexico / Beth E.

Contemporary Francophone African writers and the burden of commitment [electronic resource] / Odile
Cazenave and Patricia Célérier.